What's a good snippet to safely instrument “almost all functions” using stacktrace.js?

stacktrace.js is a micro-library for getting stack traces in all web browsers.

It offers functions instrumentation:

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  • var p = new printStackTrace.implementation();
    p.instrumentFunction(this, 'baz', logStackTrace);
    function logStackTrace(stack) {
        console.log(stack.join(' -> '));
    function foo() {
        var a = 1;
    function bar() {
    foo(); //Will log a stacktrace when 'baz()' is called containing 'foo()'!
    p.deinstrumentFunction(this, 'baz'); //Remove function instrumentation

    What’s the best way to “instrument all or almost all functions” in a safe way?
    Basically I want (say … in “debug mode”) to “auto-catch and log” all stack traces from all functions that are feasible to instrument. What’s a good snippet to do this? Which functions should I avoid instrumenting?

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