What is the best way to remove multiple records from store? extjs

What is the best way to remove multiple records with a condition in extjs?

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  • var store = Ext.create('Ext.data.Store', {
        data: [
            {name: 'Ed', age: 21},
            {name: 'Tommy', age: 15},
            {name: 'Aaron', age: 18},
            {name: 'John', age: 22}

    I want to remove records which are ‘age’ is less than 20(In this case, ‘Tommy’ and ‘Aaron’). This question could be same as how to find multiple records which much a condition.

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    Using just the public API and keeping in mind that you probably won’t want to filter the store directly or remove items one-by-one as this will trigger unnecessary redraws on any connected UI components – you could use the following:

    var subCollection = store.getData().createFiltered(function(item){
        return item.get('age') < 20;

    You probably don’t want removeAll, but just to iterate and remove the ones that match

    for ( var i = store.data.length; i--; ) {
        if ( store.data[i].age > 20 ) store.removeAt(i);
        store.queryBy(function(record) {

    works in 4, 5 and 6.

    Another approach:

    // get records..
            records.forEach(function (record) {
                if (record.getData().age < 20) {