Using the jQuery each() function to loop through classname elements

I am trying to use jQuery to loop through a list of elements that have the same classname & extract their values.

I have this..

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  • function calculate() {
        // Fix jQuery conflicts
            // Get all items with the calculate className
            var items = jQuery('.calculate');

    I was reading up on the each() function though got confused how to use it properly in this instance.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Using the jQuery each() function to loop through classname elements”

    jQuery('.calculate').each(function() {
        var currentElement = $(this);
        var value = currentElement.val(); // if it is an input/select/textarea field
        // TODO: do something with the value

    and if you wanted to get its index in the collection:

    jQuery('.calculate').each(function(index, currentElement) {

    Reference: .each() and .val() functions.