Using JavaScript to wrap the HTML5 video element breaks video player in iOS

I am using JavaScript to wrap an HTML5 video player in a div for styling purposes. If the mark-up exists when the page loads, the player functions as it should. However if I apply the wrapper dynamically with JavaScript, the player goes black and its controls are inaccessible. I have tested applying various elements as wrappers, and it seems to happen with any block level element, but not inline elements. I can’t find any documentation on this bug or others who have encountered it via Google. Anyone have a workaround?

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    I see this was posted a long time ago & I ran into a similar issue.

    When a video is reparented (like it would be if you used a solution like slick, it reverts to 00:00 and pauses. Once reparented, you should be able to directly access the video via JS & invoke the play() method to get it started again.