Unknown Date format ( 7 digits )

Hi I’m building some custom function for my Easy PHP Calendar
Most of the source code is encoded so i use the database directly to
Get the needed events rows.

My problem is translating the date format they use ( only date without time )
its stored as a 7 digit number.

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  • for example if I add an event on 02/04/2014 it is saved as 2456693
    (time is saved in another column)

    I tried to change the calendar settings to check if those values are affected

    • changed date format – no change.
    • changed calendar first and last year – no change.
    • changed timezone – no change.

    Do you have any Idea which date-format they use – (no answer from them)?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Unknown Date format ( 7 digits )”

    This is the Julian day number, or the number of days since 1 January 4713 BC.