transform object to object array with ramdajs

I am writing a program, counting words in a file.

Suppose the object likes this:

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  • {
      I: 2,
      it: 4,
      that: 1

    And I wanna make it:

      { word: 'I', count: 2 }, 
      { word: 'it', count: 4 }, 
      { word: 'that', count: 1 }

    I can achieve the goal by using imperative programming: loop the object…

    And I check out the docs and google, but can’t find any method fit in 🙁


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  • One Solution collect form web for “transform object to object array with ramdajs”

    This can be achieved using R.toPairs and R.zipObj:

    //    convert :: {a} -> [{ word :: String, count :: a }]
    const convert = R.compose(['word', 'count'])), R.toPairs);
    convert({I: 2, it: 4, that: 1});
    // => [{"count": 2, "word": "I"}, {"count": 4, "word": "it"}, {"count": 1, "word": "that"}]