to check parent window is iframe or not

How can I tell from a page within an iframe, if the parent itself is also within an iframe?


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  • My home page home.html contains an iframe

    <iframe src="sample.html"></iframe>

    I need to detect if home.html (ie: parent of sample.html) is within an iframe.

    Codes in sample.html

        alert('home.html is not in iframe');
        alert('home.html is in iframe');

    My Question is not a duplicate. It’s a different case. Help me.

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    is true if a window is not a frame/iframe

    if you like to see if the parent window of the given window is a frame, use


    It’s a simple comparision of top(the most top window of the window-hierarchy) and another window-object(what self or parent are)

    Check if window.frameElement is not null and see if its nodeName property is “IFRAME”:

    var isInIframe = window.frameElement && window.frameElement.nodeName == "IFRAME";
    var isInIFrame = (window.location != window.parent.location);
        // iframe
    else {
        // no iframe