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Programming environment for client side web development

I have lost somehow connection to the world of web programming six years back or so. I would like to revive my knowledge out of pure fun and try out some new technologies. What would make a good development environemnt & combination of CSS and javascript templates? Canvas is popular these days instead of wrapping […]

Multiple javascript timeouts – problem with live data fetching

I am building a real-time system which (with a use of websockets) updates a table with live data of different frequencies (can be 3 times per second, can be once every 2 seconds – dependant on the type of data). I am currently struggling to find a way of letting the user know when a […]

Is Google Chrome supporting socket.io?

I am making a small multiplayer game using node.js and socket.io on my laptop. Occasionally, when I want to test some multiplayer features I log into the game using my PC (the PC and the laptop are connected to a LAN network). Socket.io connects to my router’s IP (196. …) and the port 8080. Everything […]

Secure JavaScript Running on 3rd Party Sites

We have a “widget” that runs on 3rd party websites, that is, anyone who signs up with our service and embeds the JavaScript. At the moment we use JSONP for all communication. We can securely sign people in and create accounts via the use of an iFrame and some magic with detecting load events on […]

WebSocket JavaScript: Sending complex objects

I am using WebSockets as the connection between a Node.js server and my client JS code. I want to send a number of different media types (Text, Audio, Video, Images) through the socket. This is not difficult of course. message.data instanceof Blob separates text from media files. The problem is, that I want to include […]

WebSocket onmessage not firing

I’m trying to implement my own websocket server and am running into a bit of trouble with the onmessage function in the JavaScript. It just won’t fire! I put an alert into it to trigger whenever it was called and the alert never comes up. I’ve tried on both firefox and chrome to no avail. […]

websocket connection with mysql

So i have been trying to make my canvas game work in real time multiplayer with long polling right now which connects to my mysql database, but I am now trying to switch to web sockets. I am a little confused on where the websockets in storing information and on how it is being organized […]

How to keep Pusher Client objects persistent across pages?

I’m just getting started with Pusher and so far everything is great. But I realize that as my user opens and closes, or clicks on an internal link in my site, the connection automatically disconnects as the page unloads. This would make the user connect and disconnect every time he navigates to a new page. […]

Run NodeJS app on appFog

All I want to do is deploy my little nodeJS app onto the free hosting site, appFog. Nomatter what ports I set on my client side or on my server side.. I consistently get the error message: events.js:71 throw arguments[1]; // Unhandled ‘error’ event ^ Error: listen EADDRINUSE When this is on my laptop / […]

Set header web socket?

I want pass blob data to java server using web socket. My java server is: providerSocket = new ServerSocket(2007, 10); System.out.println(“Waiting for connection”); connection = providerSocket.accept(); System.out.println(“Connection received from ” + connection.getInetAddress().getHostName()); out = new ObjectOutputStream(connection.getOutputStream()); out.flush(); in = new ObjectInputStream(connection.getInputStream()); sendMessage(“Connection successful”); And my javascript client is: var ws = new WebSocket(“ws://”); ws.binaryType = […]