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how to play videos in .avi file format in chrome?

Technically It was possible to play .avi files by loading an embedded object for a external player directly in the HTML. Now chrome deprecated that capabitilities and the solution left it’s to transcode all my video files into .mp4 Edited Because I don’t own the files I don’t pretend to transcode them. I’m looking forward […]

How do you upload a chunked video to twitter using node

How would you upload a video to twitter using the POST media/upload (chunked) endpoint with node?

Open video URL in native player from Google Chrome

I’m trying to open a remote video (let’s say it’s located at http://www.example.com/video.mp4) with the default Android player launched directly from Google Chrome, making use of the brand new intent://. This is the URI I called through an href tag: intent://www.example.com/video.mp4#Intent;scheme=file;action=android.intent.action.VIEW;end; Of course, this URI doesn’t work, and Chrome returns error “Unable to perform navigation”. […]

play video with subtitles

Hi i want to see a video with a subtitle “.srt” in html5. What can i do with javascript?

Use Javascript to Play HTML5 Video

How can I use Javascript to play an HTML5 video? For example, play the video at an onclick event.

Load a video in separate div, using jQuery

Ok, I am bugging on this for 2nd day already, and it should be really simple… but it’s not working. I am trying to load a video in a separate div, when a link from a nested list (in another div) is clicked. Here’s the 2 divs: <div id=”mediaWindow”> </div> <div id=”treeviewMenu” runat=”server”> <ul id=”LinkedList1″ […]

Video play on hover

I have a selection of video thumbnails that I want to trigger to play/pause on hover. I have managed to get one of them to work, but I run into a problem with the others on the list. Attached is the fiddle of my code. There will be a div covering each html5 video so […]

Video js. player pause/play with a single tap on a mobile

I have a lot of responsive html5 videos on my website and I’d like to just play/pause them by click/tap on video. And it’s working like that on desktop but on smartphones if you tap on video it just showing controls so you need tap second time on the controls to play/pause. Is there any […]

How to play mp4 video all major browsers?

Is there any way to make .mp4 video work in all major browsers? I heard that videojs can help me but I am not sure. Will this library automatically set the flash as a callback if the video format is not supported for the browser? Has any used it before? Please help.

Javascript event listener to start video at certain time and stop video after certain duration

I’m trying to get my video (locally hosted, not streamed) to start after a certain time and stop after a certain duration. Someone here helped me out here with Javascript, but it’s not working for me — no effect on time of playback at all. So, in my header, I’ve called the javascript like this: […]