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Bootstrap Timepicker

I am trying to find a time picker widget, compatible with bootstrap styling. I really like the style of the jdewit widget, but it has a tremendous number of bugs. I am trying to finish this project quickly, so I don’t want to get bogged down in fixing library bugs. Can anyone else recommend a […]

Adding href attribute to bootstrap button

I’m trying to make it so that my button will open a url in a new tab. I can get it to work using window.location.href, but the url doesn’t open in a new tab that way. I’m using jQuery and Javascript, and the code itself is inside of a larger jQuery function. $(‘#code’).click(function(){ window.location.href = […]

Affix is not working in Bootstrap 4 alpha

According to Bootstrap 3 docs I have added following attributes to a navbar: <nav class=”navbar no-margin-bottom” data-spy=”affix” data-offset-top=”90″ > … </nav> After scrolling down the page Bootstrap 4 is not adding class to navbar which is affix. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? Bootstrap.js and jQuery.js are working.

Listen to bootstrap checkbox being checked

I am using bootstrap theme called: Core Admin http://wrapbootstrap.com/preview/WB0135486 This is the code I write: <div class=”span6″> <input type=”checkbox” class=”icheck” id=”Checkbox1″ name=”userAccessNeeded”> <label for=”icheck1″>Needed</label> </div> And bootstrap generates me this code: <div class=”span6″> <div class=”icheckbox_flat-aero” style=”position: relative;”> <input type=”checkbox” class=”icheck” id=”Checkbox7″ name=”userAccessNeeded” style=”position: absolute; opacity: 0;”> <ins class=”iCheck-helper” style=”position: absolute; top: 0%; left: 0%; display: […]

Getting the time from a Bootstrap Timepicker

I’m trying to get the time from a Bootstrap Timepicker using the getTime function, but only get an error message in the console when I press the button (with ID of my-button, see code below.) HTML <div class=”input-append bootstrap-timepicker-component”> <input type=”text” class=”timepicker input-small”> <span class=”add-on”> <i class=”icon-time”></i> </span> </div> JavaScript <script type=”text/javascript”> $(‘#my-button’).on(‘click’, function() { […]

Make an alert using twitter's bootstrap disappears after a few seconds

im trying to learn twitter’s bootstrap CSS framework to make some alerts to the users, I want, after showing the alert to the user, the alert disappears after 3 seconds have elapsed. I make this code, but does not work, can not close the alert, and do not understand what I’m doing wrong: <!DOCTYPE html> […]

How to adapt bootstrap modal width to contained image

I am using bootstrap modal to create a thumbnail gallery that displays an attemp of full-size images when its thumbnail is clicked. I managed to make everything work fine and changed the css a bit but I don’t find the way to change the modal div width to be adapted to the image within in. […]

Using select2: When using transport-function, results are not selectable

I am using the select2 plugin and I need to to use the transport-function to perform the ajax request on my own, because I need to set API Keys in the request-header. But as soon as I do this, select2 responses the results correctly and also formats and displays it like I want, but the […]

requirejs timing issue – some bootstrap js doesn't work

I am running into an odd issue ever since starting to use requireJs. This issue only seems to happen on some sidebar menu items that can be expanded to see the sub-menu items. RequireJS module is called at the very end, before the body tag, and other JS on the page itself works fine, just […]

Cant get Bootstrap modal.js to work

EDIT: Keep in mind this answer was asked before Bootstrap 2 came out and therefore is relative to the first release I am trying to dynamically add and show Bootstrap modal windows with AJAX content, but after looking at the documentation for a good hour and a half I dont understand what classes or attributes […]