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Menu, under search bar on nav-bar in Bootstrap…not compatible

I am trying to create a search bar with results that appear right under the bar, but I am faced with a number of problems while trying to implement this. I am new in web programming, which is why I prefer to use bootstrap because of its compatibility on different screen sizes. In this case, […]

I can't switch between radio button

This is the Code: <input type=”radio” name=”sex” value=”male”>Male <input type=”radio” name=”sex” value=”female”>Female The strange thing is , when I try to switch between radio button, it’s being blocked. If I select Male, then I can’t change to Female. I am using bootstrap, you can see the live result here Then click Survey, you will see […]

Multiple page Phonegap App without JQuery Mobile

I have created a few mobile app using phonegap and i have used jquery mobile, purely because the controls are nice looking, but mainly because it has the nice changePage function. I like to have multiple html documents to break up the code, and with over 10 separate screens i think it keeps the code […]

How to dynamically un-collapse a Bootstrap navbar?

I have multiple versions of my page where the number of items in the navbar varies widely. The exact number of items is determined on the server. In some cases, where the navbar only has 1 or 2 items, I want to un-collapse it — I want to see all the items on the navbar […]

AngularJS with angular-ui bootstrap – getting it IE8 compatible

I’m trying to get some AngularJS code that uses angular-ui bootstrap to work in IE 8. I am using the guidance in the AngularJS developer guide on IE. I added the following code to my index.html page: <!doctype html> <html xmlns:ng=”http://angularjs.org” id=”ng-app” ng-app=”plunker”> <head> <!–[if lte IE 8]> <script src=”//cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/json2/20130526/json2.js”></script> <script> document.createElement(‘alert’); document.createElement(‘ng-include’); document.createElement(‘bookviewer’); document.createElement(‘accordion’); […]

ownerDocument.defaultView is null ie8 bootstrap

I am using several components of bootstrap in my project, two of the components “accordion” and “modal” however, are not working in IE8 at all. According to bootstrap’s documentation it supports IE8 and I am assuming that accordion and modal should work too. Bootstrap version – 3.1.0 jQuery version – 1.11.0 Accordion Code – <div […]

How to prevent bootstrap dropdown submenu click closing the parent dropdown

I have a dropdown that contains a div which contains a dropdown of its own. As soon as I click the inner dropdown, the parent dropdown closes. How to prevent the parent dropdown from closing ? And how to solve the same problem for multiple nested dropdowns ? Code: <div class=”dropdown selectDropdownDiv”> <a data-toggle=”dropdown” href=”#” […]

jquery animate doesn't work properly

When I use jQuery .animate() with a bootstrap progress bar to set progress percentages, it only works normal the first time I use it. I’ve made a JSFiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/43bqP/ When it just had to go to 50, it somehow first goes above 500 and then animates back to 50. How can I fix this?

UI Bootstrap typeahed clear $viewValue

I’m using the UI Bootstrap typeahead on an input to act as a searchable dropdown menu. I have a clear button that should reset the input and that works fine (by resetting the model) as long as I don’t use typeahead-editable=”false”. Here is a plunker that illustrates the problem: Enter an invalid input, for example […]

Jquery how do I validate input field

I know this question has been asked here and there are plenty of examples out there I am following this example: EXAMPLE but for me the validation is not working. Can someone suggest me what I am doing wrong. In my homepage if I click on a add button it will show me a bootstrap […]