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Javascript InfoVis Spacetree Individual Node Styling

I am newbie with javascript coding – can anyone help me with the InfoVis Spacetree? I am trying to set the width and height of a certain level of nodes to be smaller than the rest. It seems like I put it in the data: {} but when I tried data:{“$height”:”30″} it screws up the […]

How do i change default orientation in infovis spacetree?

I’m trying to change the default orientation in a space tree but can’t figure out where to add: st.switchPosition(“top”, “animate”, { onComplete: function() { alert(‘completed!’); } }); So that the tree will start from the top instead of the default of right. In the examples i’ve seen, the switchPosition is only used with an event […]

JIT ForceDirected Graph with fixed node position

My web service returns json with all nodes of a grath set. I’m using the JIT for visualisation. Does JIT allow to set positions of each node inside json? Or is there any javascript library which allows this?

SpaceTree how to add subtree on node click

I have written the following code which shows the error: Cannot read property ‘children’ of null I want the children to be loaded when the node is clicked. request:function(nodeId, level, onComplete) { alert(nodeId+’p ‘+level+’ p ‘+onComplete); var i=0; $.ajax({ url: ‘/users/userhierarchy.json?id=’ + nodeId, dataType: ‘json’, success: function(json){ var tree = json; var subtree = $jit.json.getSubtree(tree, […]

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit SpaceTree node order

I am using the InfoVis SpaceTree to visualize a tree. The complete tree is loaded in one call to the loadJSON method. Each node’s children are already in the correct order. But the nodes do not display in the order they are defined in the data structure, i.e. according to their array index. How can […]

Javascript InfoVis Spacetree – Dynamically hide/show Tooltips

I’ve been googling this and can’t seem to find an answer. I will also ask this in the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit Google Group. I was wondering if it’s possible to dynamically hide/show tooltips using InfoVis spacetree. Currently they are turned on and I have set up the tips like this: Tips: { enable: true, type: […]

JIT Spacetree Save Labels as Image

I am using the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit (http://thejit.org/) and am trying to print my expanded space-tree visualization using canvas.toDataURL(“image/png”). While this works for my ForceDirected graph — in the SpaceTree we have our labels in a separate DIV so when I print the image I get a blank graph. Does anyone know how to print […]

InfoVis and Rails

I’m going to pose this question to the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit Google Group, but while I’m waiting for that membership to be approved, I thought I’d pose it here. I’m developing a Rails app and am in need of adding data visualization (and manipulation via that visualization). I’ve done some searching and have come accross […]

Customizing JavaScript Visualization Toolkit Spacetree Node

I saw many people recommend JavaScript Visualization Toolkit (The JIT) for org chart. I am trying to use SpaceTree of JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit for org chart. The nodes in my org chart is like a component in itself that has employee profile pic, two different icons that show up overlays on click and some 3 […]