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Is it possible to resize an Adobe Edge animation?

I’m trying to have an Edge animation resize based on screen resolution; I’ve made a high-res one for 1080p and higher-res screens, but since the project is reasonably complex, I was wondering if there was a way to export the animation at a different size from Edge, without having to redo everything a few times […]

How to call function only once in resize function?

Any idea how I can make a function be called only once using .resize, and then have it permanently cancelled or disabled? $(window).resize(function () { if ($(window).width() < 800) { size = true; mob(); } }); UPDATE: Great stuff, thanks sdespont – got it to work with on/off: $(window).on(‘resize’,function () { if ($(window).width() < 800){ […]

How do I change the size of a Div based on the screen size with Jquery

What is wrong in my jquery? I would like to make my div bigger depending on screen size and there is plenty of good examples, but still no success. .picLeft { border: 4px solid black; border-radius: 15px; width: 130px !important;——-> I need to change this height: 130px;——-> I need to change this text-align: center; background-color: […]

Why is this IF statement still firing?

Ok, so a long time user of Stackoverflow, first time question-er. Bare in mind I’m mainly a CSS/HTML guy and only know jQuery basics so be gentle! Why oh why is this if statement still firing, even when the target element is not available in the HTML? See this example (view console log), it happens […]

Resize HTML5 canvas element

How can I achieve, so that the HTML5 canvas element ist resizeable? I would like to implement this element so that you can scale it in any size. The event of the scaling should be the mouse which snaps the edge and the user resizes the element. I’ve already read about how you can achieve […]

better quality thumbnails from larger image files

I’m showing images from other websites as thumbnails. To do this I display them in a smaller img tag so the browser does the size decrease. The problem is that the quality of these images (which I have no control of) is diminished. Also they look much better in FF and Safari than in IE. […]

Photoshop Script – resize images in folder (dialog box)

i would like to know if there is an easy way to write a simple script in Photoshop. I would like it to pop a dialog box to let user select a folder. Then the scripts creates another folder (“web_ready”) inside selected one and put resized images into it. I can handle the resizing part […]

jQuery $(window).resize not firing in Firefox

For environmental reasons, I am only able to test this in Firefox currently, so I don’t know what’s happening in other browsers. I am trying to track down why binding the window resize event isn’t working. This is a legacy project with a lot of JavaScript, and I cannot find anywhere where events are being […]

Blocking access to certain function

On my page I have two buttons – <input type=”button” value=”Fit Window” onclick=”FitWindow()”> <input type=”button” value=”Actual Size” onclick=”ActualSize()”> function FitWindow() { $(“body”).css(“zoom”,iZoomValue*100+”%”); } function ActualSize() { $(“body”).css(“zoom”,”1″); } What happens is initially a big image is zoomed in (using CSS) to fit to window. If users wants to see the actual size, he can click […]

I get $(image).width() == 0 even when placed inside $(window).load

I want to resize images that are bigger than the window, but I keep getting 0 width and height when I try to get the image size. I read somewhere that it could be because images aren’t necessarily loaded at (document).ready so image functions should go under (window).load, but it’s no use. I’m a real […]