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Convert JSON data to array in JavaScript

My json data is like that: [{“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”Dodge”,”model”:”Durango”,”vin”:”R90N8E95UB”}, {“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”Honda”,”model”:”Accord”,”vin”:”XJLSXU6NA5″}, {“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”Dodge”,”model”:”Durango”,”vin”:”2UNHFBCQG0″}, {“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”Volvo”,”model”:”XC90″,”vin”:”J37612ZVEC”}, {“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”Mercedes”,”model”:”C250″,”vin”:”J5QB24CFGS”}, {“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”Dodge”,”model”:”Durango”,”vin”:”OB60BC33LF”}, {“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”Volvo”,”model”:”XC90″,”vin”:”DCA3364SGK”}, {“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”Volvo”,”model”:”XC60″,”vin”:”FV2HML056G”}, {“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”BMW”,”model”:”328xi”,”vin”:”IGPP3DQ4SK”}, {“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”Mercedes”,”model”:”C250″,”vin”:”J5QB24CFGS”}, {“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”Honda”,”model”:”Accord”,”vin”:”XJLSXU6NA5″}, {“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”Mercedes”,”model”:”C250″,”vin”:”J5QB24CFGS”}, {“vehicleType”:”car”,”make”:”Dodge”,”model”:”Durango”,”vin”:”R90N8E95UB”}] Now I want my array to be like this in JavaScript: // Javascript array var array = []; array[// vin number od above json array] = // the whole row of that vin number. For example., […]

What is the fastest JSON parser for JavaScript?

I want to show a list with 1000 rows using Json that’s support by Struts2 like pug-in. I use flexigrid (jquery) to parse 1000 rows to display. But it’s so slow, and sometimes my browser crashes. (Firefox & IE). So, what is the fastest Javascript framework to parse about 1000 rows?

Unable to solve error “ Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token o ”

I am currently practicing using Javascript/Dojo. However, I have an error that I am unable to solve: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token o I have made a quick snippet of my problem: var data = { “list”: { “1”: { “Relevance”: “Low”, “id”: 1, “Name”: “Inorganic” }, “2”: { “Relevance”: “Low”, “id”: 2, “Name”: “Mobile” } […]

Replacing values in JSON object

I have the following JSON object data returned from my apicontroller : > [ {“id”:2,”text”:”PROGRAMME”,”parent”:null}, > {“id”:3,”text”:”STAGE”,”parent”:2}, > {“id”:4,”text”:”INFRA”,”parent”:2}, > {“id”:5,”text”:”SYSTEM”,”parent”:3}, > {“id”:6,”text”:”STOCK”,”parent”:3}, {“id”:7,”text”:”DPT”,”parent”:3}, > {“id”:9,”text”:”EXTERNAL”,”parent”:null} ] I want to replace “parent”:null with “parent”:'”#”‘ I have tried the code below, but it is only replacing the first occurrence of “parent”:null. How can I replace all […]

remove extra square bracket from json

how can i convert the following json format var data=[[{time:1,speed:20}]] to var data = [{time: 1, speed: 54}]; I just want to remove the extra square bracket.How it is possible

$.getJSON() doesn't work correctly the first time the script runs, but it does the second time. How do I make it run the first time?

This question already has an answer here: How do I return the response from an asynchronous call? 22 answers

JSON.parse: unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON data in javascript

I get this error when debugging my highcharts javascript code via Firebug. Here are the relevant lines of code: var valpair = [parseInt(items[0]),cumulative]; rain_series.data.push(JSON.parse(valpair)); items[0] is just “1234567”, and if I add console.log(valpair) to my code, I get this output: [1234567, 0] which seems to be valid JSON. Nevertheless, I’m stuck on my error (I […]

Bug with Javascript's JSON.parse?

console.log(JSON.parse(‘{“data”:”{\”json\”:\”rocks\”}”}’)); gives error (tested on Firefox and Chrome’s console). Is this a bug with JSON.parse? Same decodes well when tested with PHP. print_r(json_decode(‘{“data”:”{\”json\”:\”rocks\”}”}’, true));

Use JSON parse instead of eval

I have this string that I generate in JAVA and pass to javascript to be parsed. This works: var childString = ‘[{title: “Item 1”},{title: “Folder 2”, isFolder: true,children: [{title: “Sub-item 2.1”},{title: “Sub-item 2.2”}]},{title: “Item 3”}]’; var childArray = eval(childString); But I’ve read everywhere that eval == evil so i’m looking into the JSON way of […]

AngularJS – Attempted to trust a non-string value in a content requiring a string: Context: html

I am loading a bunch of data from a json file, and have used both $http.get and also Restangular to grab it. Whenever I pass this data into the $scope I keep getting this error multiple times: Error: [$sce:itype] Attempted to trust a non-string value in a content requiring a string: Context: html This seems […]