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JIT ForceDirected Graph with fixed node position

My web service returns json with all nodes of a grath set. I’m using the JIT for visualisation. Does JIT allow to set positions of each node inside json? Or is there any javascript library which allows this?

Is javascript interpreted or jit compiled

I am new to programming. And i am following a tuturial about javascript. But i am confused with jit compilar and a interpreter. Is javscript translated from source code to byte/native code. With a jit compilar or a interpreter? Or depends from the browser and the javascript engine you are running. Thank for your respons

Angular 2 rollup AoT build is bigger than normal JiT build

I have a problem with building my app. I want to make them weight less. Im using angular 2 seed as a base. https://github.com/mgechev/angular-seed So after im running: npm run build.prod my app.js is 1.5MB after: npm run build.prod.rollup.aot app.js is 1.9MB and if I run only: npm run build.prod.aot it is 2.2Mb. It is […]

How would a DOM-less,statically typed, ahead-of-time-compiled javascript code compare to native code performance-wise?

The traditional answer to “why is Javascript slower than native code?” is: “Because it’s interpreted”. The problem with this claim is that interpretation is not a quality of the language itself. As a matter of fact, nowadays most Javascript code is being JITed, still, this isn’t even close to native speed. What if we remove […]

Can the Firefox JavaScript JIT be disabled from a script?

Our web site has a fairly complex JS app that fails with the latest Firefox 10 release. This is due to what appears to be a bug in the JS interpretor, making variables return NULL when they clearly aren’t. This bug only occurs when the JIT compiler is active, not when it’s disabled. We will […]

How is event peeking implemented by JIT-compilers of different process virtual machines?

Note: This question is posed to VM implementors of languages like Smalltalk, Self, Javascript, Java, C#, etc. A usual functionality brought by the JIT compiler is automatic peeking of system events. This is used both for handling UI events and for triggering GC. Usually this event peeking consists of doing a check at frame building […]

locate corresponding JS source of code which is not optimized by V8

I try to optimize the performance of a node.js application and therefore I am analyzing the behavior of V8’s JIT compiler. When running the application via node –trace_deopt –trace_opt –code_comments –print_optcode …, the output contains many recurring lines like the following: [didn’t find optimized code in optimized code map for 0x490a8b4aa69 <SharedFunctionInfo>] How can I […]

Is JavaScriptCore framework on iOS 7 using JIT compilation?

Based on some googling it seems like JavaScript on ios is JIT compiled sometimes and sometimes not. How about the JavaScriptCore framework that got added in ios 7? Will I get JIT compilation if I use that in my app?

Script Debugging Not Working (VS 2008)

I recently installed VS 6.0 after installing VS 2008 and overwrite JIT settings .. when i started VS 2008 option dialog .. it said another debugger has taken over VS 2008 debugger and I asked me to reset .. so I did .. Now everything works fine except javascript debugging. I am unable to debug […]

Angular 2 AOT vs JIT payload comparison

I’m pretty new to Angular 2, so correct me if I’m inaccurate. My understanding of Angular 1 vs 2 when it comes to compiler: In Angular 1 the compiler is more general and dynamic, meaning that dirty checking code is a single code running over different components. However for performance sake in Angular 2, every […]