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javascript/DOM event name convention

Hi when I started doing web development, I realized javascript event names were all in lower case with no separators, i.e. “mousedown”, “mouseup”, etc. And when working with the jQuery UI library, I noticed they also use the same convention; i.e. “dropdeactivate” as in the following example javascript $( “.selector” ).on( “dropdeactivate”, function( event, ui […]

How often does the AngularJS digest loop run?

When discussing the merits of AngularJS, two-way data binding is often touted as a major benefit of Angular over other JS frameworks. Digging deeper, the documentation suggests this process is done through dirty-checking rather than through event-driven measures. At first, it seems that the digest-loop works by having a method fire off in the background […]

HTML DOM: Which events do not bubble?

Most events bubble in all browsers. However, I know that in Internet Explorer “submit” events do not bubble. What are the other events that do not bubble?

Text in HTML Field to disappear when clicked?

I can easily create a html input field that has text already in it. But when the user clicks on the input field the text doesn’t disappears but stays there. The user then has to manually remove the text to type. How can I create an input field where when the user clicks on the […]

How to stop events bubbling in jQuery?

How do I stop custom event bubbling in jQuery? For example I have this code: $(‘.myclass’).bind(‘amodaldestroy’, function(){ ….does something….. }) How do I only allow this to be triggered once on the first element it finds when bubbling? Can I just add return false? $(‘.myclass’).bind(‘amodaldestroy’, function(){ ….does something….. return false; })

Compare 'e.target' to a jQuery object

What I want to do: ( clickedObject === someDiv ) //returns true or false What I tried ( $(e.target) === $(‘.selector’) ); //returns a false negative. My workaround ( $(e.target).attr(‘class’) === $(‘.selector’).attr(‘class’) ); //works as intended, not so clean though. What is the right way to compare the object I clicked to an object in […]

Detect if the iframe content has loaded successfully

I have a widget that contains an iframe. The user can configure the url of this iframe, but if the url could not be loaded (it does not exists or the user does not have access to internet) then the iframe should failover to a default offline page. The question is, how can I detect […]

how to set cursor to input box in javascript?

document.getElementById(frmObj.id).value=””; document.getElementById(frmObj.id).autofocus; document.getElementById(“errorMsg”).innerHTML = “Only numeric value is allowed”; In the above code the value of the form object is perfectly setting to “” but there is no cursor in the text box. I want a cursor to be there. focus() only focuses that input box but does not actually set the cursor.

which is the best Javascript Keyboard event library.(Hotkeys,Shortcuts )

i want to make a bbs forum that using much Keyboard event , so which is the best Keyboard event library, thanks

keycode is always zero in Chrome for Android

I need to detect the keycode for a custom search box on my website, but the keycode always returns as zero on Chrome for Android (except for backspace, which returns 8). Has anyone else experienced this, and how did you get around it? Our website works on all mobile browsers except Chrome for Android because […]