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Object.prototype.toString.call(currentFruit) === “[object Date]”

I am new to js.. i am having an if condition in that i did not understand an if condition can youi tell me what does this if condition does… Object.prototype.toString.call(currentFruit) === “[object Date]” can you explain it… providing my code below setcurrentFruit: function (fruitName, currentFruit) { WorklistStorage.set(fruitName, currentFruit, false); }, getcurrentFruit: function (fruitName) { […]

call functions within event handler

I have written 2 functions in Javascript code as follows Manager = FormManager.extend({ First: function () { var response = this.Second(“Feature”); //I’m able to get the alert //I have added a click event handler $(‘#element’).on(‘click’, function(){ var newResponse = this.Second(“Bug”); //The alert is not poping }); } Second: function (type) { alert(type); //Performs certain operation […]

In HTML, with Javascript, create new radio button and its text?

I want that when the “Yes” radio button of a form (form1) is checked, a new form (form2) appears, with two radio buttons and their text “Yes” and “No”. With an event “onclick” in the “Yes” button of the form1, I manage to make the new form appear, with the two radio buttons, but I […]

How to remove event listener of a object with .bind(this)?

This question already has an answer here: Removing event listener which was added with bind 7 answers

.preventDefault() not working in on.('input', function{})

I would like to limit number of chars in my editable div to 10. After user reach the limit I would like to use .preventDefault() method to protect the div from additional chars. Can You help me out, please? JSFiddle https://jsfiddle.net/7x2dfgx6/1/ HTML <div class=”profileInfo” id=”About” style=”border:solid;” contenteditable=”true”>OOOOO</div> JQuery jQuery(document).ready(function($){ const limit = 10; rem = […]

Best way to define a callback and fire it once immediately?

In jQuery, I do stuff like this a lot: $(‘#myId’).bind(‘myevent’, function() { … }).trigger(‘myevent’); Works great when the selector only finds one element, but I don’t want it to fire more than once if there’s more than one match. Is there some way to basically declare an annonymous function and execute it exactly once all […]

Problem with Select box Onchange event in html

<script> function options(){ alert(“asdfasdf”); } </script> <select type=”selectbox” name=”crPaymentOption” id =”crPaymentOption”onchange=”options()”/> <option selected=”” value=”–“>–</option> <option value=”Check”>Check</option> <option value=”Credit Card”>Credit Card</option> <option value=”Cash”>Cash</option> </select> The alert is not firing when i change the options of the select drop down. Can anyone help me on this??

HTML form with single text field + preventing postback in Internet Explorer

I have noticed a rather strange behaviour in IE. I have a HTML form with a single input text field and a submit button On Submit click I need to execute a client side JavaScript function that does the necessary. Now when I want to prevent the postback in the text field (on enter key […]

How to add event listener to many items?

var input = document.getElementById(‘thumbimg’); input.addEventListener(‘change’, function() { $(“input.imgcheck”).attr(“disabled”, “”); }, false); I use this code to enable the submit button when the user selects a file to upload. But what If I want to add more than an upload field? I need to know how to enable the submit button only if all the upload […]

jQuery replacement for onclick

I’ve just recently discovered the power of jQuery. Just a quick question though. What is a replacement for onclick=”DeleteSomething(‘THE ID NUMBER LOADED IN BY SERVER SIDE’)” ? Is there even a way somehow to pass custom information such as an ID to a jquery onclick? Or do i have to stay with the old fashioned […]