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How to export fullcalender data into iCal format?

I am using fullcalendar js for my event dispay and I want to export all data into iCal format.

Storing 'long' type in firebase

We have an iPhone application that is backed by Core Data. We use int64 in our core data store and I am wondering if we need to do anything special to store the number in firebase. I am wondering about this as javascript does not support 64 bit unsigned integers. We also are writing a […]

Error on import statement in JavaScript/React Native code

I’m trying to incorporate a React component for radio buttons in my iOS app that’s written in React Native, however I get an error when trying to import the component using the method that the author specified. I first installed the component in the root directory of the app’s XCode project/source code using the following […]

Bootstrap Popover Inside Popover not working

I am using twitter bootstrap to share my post on social media, i have made a link whose popover with some buttons content, but further when i click on buttons in popover, their popover function does not work. <div class=”well text-center”> <button id=”but1″ title=’Popover’ class=”btn btn-success” rel=’popover’ data-placement=”bottom” data-toggle=’popover2′>Share</button> </div> <div class=’container hide’ id=’cont’> <a […]

Requiring Modules in react-native

I’m stuck on a problem in a react-native project. I’m trying to do a general require file, where I export all my modules. After that I would like to require only my “require.js” file to avoid calls like this require(‘../../ModuleName’) in every file. I have 4 files: index.ios.js /app/home.js /app/MyView.js /app/require.js require.js: module.exports = { […]

UI Automation: Access UIViews inside UIScrollView

Is there a way to access, using JavaScript with UI Automation tests, the UIViews inside an UIScrollView? Since the UIScrollView doesn’t give me away to set if it has accessibility or not, I would like to know if it is possible to do that. The structure in the XIB: I can see everything on the […]

How to calculate the sunrise and sunset in javascript?

i am using appcelerator titanium to develop an IOS app and i want to let my app send local notification to the users in sunrise and sunset a good tool to solve this is Yahoo weather using YQL ; however, yahoo weather is for non-commercial use only!! i am trying to find a javascript library […]

Load local Html file doesn't refer the js file in UIWebView

I am working with UIWebView project and I want to load an HTML file from a project resource. It is working fine when I run from the URL, but when I view the HTML file locally, JS files are not loaded. Loading the local HTML local file doesn’t refer to js files in UIWebView. Here’s […]

Calling an Objective-C function from JavaScript hosted on some web page

I have an IOS application which has a web browser in it. When this web browser is displayed, it navigates to a page on Internet, say http://myexample.com/myiosapp. Is it possible to place a javascript code on this web site, which, when downloaded to phone, communicates with the native application? Can it call an Objective-C method, […]

End of text selection event?

Is there an event for the end of text selection on iOS? I know I can run an event when the selection changes through the following: document.addEventListener(“selectionchange”, function(event) { var text = window.getSelection().toString(); $(“.output”).append(“<div>” + text + “</div>”); }, false); <div class=”output”></div> This will update .output with the selected text, but runs every time the […]