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IE returns same last radio button value using class jquery

I m facing some strange issue in IE. Html Code <input type=”radio” name=”radio” value=”10″ class=”sample” /> <input type=”radio” name=”radio” value=”20″ class=”sample” /> <input type=”checkbox” name=”radio” value=”30″ class=”sample” /> <input type=”checkbox” name=”radio” value=”40″ class=”sample” /> Jquery code: $(“.sample”).each(function(){ console.log($(this).val()); }) Jquery version:1.7.1 In IE9 the console log returns 40,40,40,40 in the each loop, but same working […]

Bootstrap 3 and IE8 issue

I’m using Bootstrap 3 framework for a new design. All works fine in Safari, Chrome and Firefox, but not in IE8. I’ve added respond.min.js and html5shiv.js in my functions.php file. Those files get loaded as I can see in ‘inspect-element -> resources” in Chrome. Still, in IE8, the site is displayed as is is a […]

callback not working in ie 10 browser

Here i am calling a servlet. Get call happens to the servlet, when document.getElementById(‘testURL’).value + ‘?opn=getKey&rand=’+ Math.random(); is done. This returns the key and a call to the callback() function. In IE 9 this works fine. But in ie 10 it requires some pause after this call. So i had to put the below alerts. […]

angular ie8 “Object doesn't support property or method 'hasOwnProperty'” workaround

I’m using angular-1.2.1.js on ie8 and getting the error: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘hasOwnProperty’ (inside the angular ForEach method) function forEach(obj, iterator, context) { var key; if (obj) { if (isFunction(obj)){ for (key in obj) { if (key != ‘prototype’ && key != ‘length’ && key != ‘name’ && obj.hasOwnProperty(key)) { iterator.call(context, obj[key], […]

Simple addition exposes Javascript engine floating point error

This question already has an answer here: Is floating point math broken? 30 answers

Main IE window (window.opener) always steal the pop-up focus after a refresh

I have a JavaScript code that reloads a page and open a pop-up. A very simple piece of code: document.location = “new_location”; var popUpRef = window.open(“popup_url”, “popup_name”, “height=300,width=700,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes”); popUpRef.focus(); The problem, is that the main window steal the pop-up focus when it finishes loading. No matter what I do, the main windows always comes to […]

Window not opening in a new tab

I have a menu link that is to pop-open a page in a new tab. I am using IE11 but have many users still on IE9. This is the code that I am using in the web.sitemap: <siteMapNode url=”~/Forms_Admin/Maintenance/AdminUtility.aspx?window=new” title=”LookUp Utility” roles=”XXXX”></siteMapNode> If I open in FireFox or Chrome this will open in a new […]

“This webpage could not be saved” error in Internet Explorer 8

The short version of my question is “I’m getting an error in Internet Explorer 8 — how can I change my code to accomplish my task without hitting that error?” The long version: I’ve got a website where some dynamically-generated pages have a “save this page” link at the top. Clicking the link will launch […]

Is there an IE alternative for selection.modify()?

I have some code that relies on selection.modify() which only works on Firefox and Chrome. Does anyone know of a workaround, alternate method or polyfill available for Internet Explorer? Only needs to be supported on IE 9+

Keypress event doesn't work in internet explorer

i have the follow code: <input class=”any” type=”text” id=”myId” name=”myName” /> this input is a jquery datepicker.. (http://jqueryui.com/datepicker/) My JS is as follows: $(‘#myId’).keypress(function(evt) { //codes }); I tried keypress, keydown and keyup.. all not working in IE.. May be because of the jquery date picker plugin? I also tried with jquery hotkey plugin (https://github.com/jeresig/jquery.hotkeys/blob/master/jquery.hotkeys.js) […]