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selenium executeScript hangs on IE

OK folks, I’ve searched the web for 2 days to solve the modal dialog problem. Great information out there and it all works except for IE. I’m trying to open a file upload dialog and select a new file. I created autoIT scripts and they work just fine with FF and Chrome. When I try […]

How to determine which javascript line causes the error when executing window.execScript in a BHO?

My question is general I am not looking for solve a specific error (I have a bunch of them 🙂 My BHO is functional, OnDocumentComplete called. In OnDocumentComplete I can execute window.execSrcipt(“console.log(‘Hello’);”); etc it works. I also can run more complex 100 lines of scripts reading them from a stream to the string parameter of […]

Line separation with IE through js

I have been modifying an array called lines and these are the last few lines before the function finishes. The user has to copy the selected text to the clipboard to take it to another program. document.penta.IOField.value=””; for (i=0; i < lines.length; i++) { document.penta.IOField.value+= lines[i]; if ((i + 1) < lines.length) { document.penta.IOField.value+= “\n”; […]

Internet Explorer 7-10 delete Content-Length in xhr/activex

I have a problem that’s very similar to the following: IE's XMLhttpRequest's getResponseHeader("Content-Length") absent when Content-Encoded sent I’m trying to get the filesize of a specific JS-File, it looks like this: var req = this.window.ActiveXObject ? new ActiveXObject(“Microsoft.XMLHTTP”) : new XMLHttpRequest(); if (!req) { throw new Error(‘XMLHttpRequest not supported’); } req.open(‘HEAD’, urlToScript, false); req.send(null); var […]

IE10 aborts image downloads

I am trying to cache a couple hundred fairly large images (each image is about 2000×2500, 350KB) for display in a web application. My basic process is to create an Image object for each, set its src, and wait for it to download. Then use the Image object to load the image when needed by […]

Write html string to a document and read its outer html in IE10

I need to write an html string to an element and then read the resulting outer html from that element. I need this to work in IE10, latest FF, Chrome, Safari, Android, iOS Safari but not in any older browsers. In all non-ie browsers the following simple approach works: var html = WIUI.createElement(‘html’); html.innerHTML = […]

Jquery watermark plugin submits watermark as form's value in IE9

I am using this plugin: http://code.google.com/p/jquery–watermark/downloads/detail?name=jquery.watermark-3.1.4.zip and problem is it submits the watermark value as textbox’s value in IE9. How can I avoid this issue? The issue is somewhat related to this post: http://code.google.com/p/jquery-watermark/issues/detail?id=91 but the author denies and marks the bug as invalid.

IE8+ what is the best way to communicate with a same domain opener <-> tabs? postMessage doesn't work, opener.f() & loc.href = FAIL

I am creating a sign-in flow for a bookmarklet and as I want to avoid doing a redirect flow because of several other complications that it would incur. As a result I am looking for a way to communicate between tabs or a popup of the same domain and an inner iFrame that serves as […]

Oauth login popup not closing in ie

I have written javascript code for oauth login popup for google OAuth code is as follows function authorize(authorize_url,get_token,get_token_secret) { console.log(“acToken is “+get_token); var win = window.open(authorize_url, “windowname2”, “width=800, height=600”); var pollTimer = window.setInterval(function() { try { if (win.document.URL.indexOf(oauth_callback) != -1) { console.log(“url inside callback”+win.document.URL) window.clearInterval(pollTimer); win.close(); getting_access_token(get_token,get_token_secret); } }catch(e) { } },100); } in that […]

A server side library to make javascript IE compatible

I have been looking for a server side library that is able to capture all scripts used on an HTML page, and convert them to IE (<9) compatible (e.g., handling things like getter / setters, missing types etc.). However I am not having much luck finding one. Does anyone know if such a library? Am […]