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IE click sound and jQuery

Using jQuery, is there a way to disable the click sound in IE that happens when you post?

IEs understanding of 'this'

In this code, Firefox sees ‘this’ as the element that was clicked and passes the href attribute through the right way. IE seems to think that ‘this’ as [object window] instead. How would I get this to work the same way in both browsers? Note: jQuery would be lovely, but is not an option for […]

better quality thumbnails from larger image files

I’m showing images from other websites as thumbnails. To do this I display them in a smaller img tag so the browser does the size decrease. The problem is that the quality of these images (which I have no control of) is diminished. Also they look much better in FF and Safari than in IE. […]

How detect IE6 with javascript?

How I do to detect the internet explorer and lower versions using javascript? I know about the navigator object, but what is the information that it send to identify him?

Refresh page within an iframe

I have an app (facebook canvas app, facebook displays the app in an iframe) When the user clicks on a link I want to be able to refresh the page. the code i m using to refresh the page is as follows: window.location.reload(true); With firefox this works fine, it only refreshes the current page within […]

How do you fade in *partially* in jQuery?

Hey everyone. This seems easy enough, but for some reason I’m having a hard time piecing it together. I want to create an animated “fade in” effect, where a div fades from 0 opacity to 50% opacity, and stops. As far as I understand: var duration = 1000; $(‘#mydiv’).fadeIn(duration); will fade the div to 100%, […]

Javascript check/uncheck all function. IE doesn't update

function checkUncheckAll(theElement) { var theForm = theElement.form, z = 0; while (theForm[z].type == ‘checkbox’ && theForm[z].name != ‘checkall’) { theForm[z].checked = theElement.checked; z++; } } theElement is the checkall checkbox at the bottom of a list of checkboxes. when clicked it calls this function to set all checkboxes in the same form to the value […]

Is there a cross-browser JavaScript framework that supports old browsers like IE 5?

I’m looking for my application (it’s a sort of CRM) to include a web-based GUI that supports old browsers like IE 5. Is there any good client-side cross-browser framework that supports old browsers? I don’t need something fancy with effects and animations. Thanks.

“Arrow function” not working in IE, why?

below piece of code does not work in IE 11 it throws a syntax error in the console g.selectAll(“.mainBars”).append(“text”).attr(“x”,d=>(d.part==”primary”? -40: 40)).attr(“y”,d=>+6).text(d=>d.key).attr(“text-anchor”,d=>(d.part==”primary”? “end”: “start”)); Using d3.js bipartite chart for visualization this code causing the issue in above statement d=>(d.part==”primary”? -40: 40)

Javascript returning month as 9 where it is 10

I’m building today’s date using a onclick event in JavaScript. When i set the .value property with: var now = new Date; …Value = now.getMonth() + “/” + now.getDate() + “/” + now.getYear(); this produces: 9/9/2009 I am expecting: 10/9/2009 This happens in both IE and Firefox. The system time on my computer is correct. […]