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Is there a cross-browser JavaScript framework that supports old browsers like IE 5?

I’m looking for my application (it’s a sort of CRM) to include a web-based GUI that supports old browsers like IE 5. Is there any good client-side cross-browser framework that supports old browsers? I don’t need something fancy with effects and animations. Thanks.

“Arrow function” not working in IE, why?

below piece of code does not work in IE 11 it throws a syntax error in the console g.selectAll(“.mainBars”).append(“text”).attr(“x”,d=>(d.part==”primary”? -40: 40)).attr(“y”,d=>+6).text(d=>d.key).attr(“text-anchor”,d=>(d.part==”primary”? “end”: “start”)); Using d3.js bipartite chart for visualization this code causing the issue in above statement d=>(d.part==”primary”? -40: 40)

Javascript returning month as 9 where it is 10

I’m building today’s date using a onclick event in JavaScript. When i set the .value property with: var now = new Date; …Value = now.getMonth() + “/” + now.getDate() + “/” + now.getYear(); this produces: 9/9/2009 I am expecting: 10/9/2009 This happens in both IE and Firefox. The system time on my computer is correct. […]

In what case does IE8 block Javascript and how to avoid it?

I got a web site using jQuery, jQuery Tools and some handcrafted JS running performing graphical enhancements. While it’s running smooth on FF, Safari and Chrome, IE blocks the script execution : There is nothing particularly more dangerous on this code than, let’s say, on Netvibes. Why is even talking about activeX ? I’m using […]

XSL parsing is shortening script tag causing issues in IE

I have a C# application that generates an html document from transforming an xml file with an xsl file. In my xsl template I reference an external javascript file like this: <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”http://jqueryjs.googlecode.com/files/jquery-1.3.2.min.js” ></script> after the transformation the previous line is being translated to: <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”http://jqueryjs.googlecode.com/files/jquery-1.3.2.min.js” /> For Firefox and Chrome […]

problem with extjs and internet explorer 8

I wrote a program with extjs library, the program works fine in all browsers, except internet explorer 8, the problem is, it works when i load it from localhost, but when accessed from the server, it doesn’t load the page, i have a blank page, I removed a comma and the program started working when […]

setAttribute style not working in IE

Setting the style attribute to elements is not working in IE 6/7 . But in other browsers, it works well. The code i am using is var box_style = ‘width: 200px; background:red’; document.getElementById(‘box’).setAttribute(“style”, box_style); This works in all other browsers except IE 6/7 Am i doing anything wrong ? or is there any solution for […]

Passing callback parameters to setTimeout() does not work in IE?

I used the code in js setTimeout function it is working in firefox ;i,e it is reloaded with in seconds. but not working in IE. I changed the method as ‘POST’, but not request not supported then it changed again in to ‘GET’. Any solution ? function getCallDetails(cId){ $.ajax( { url : ‘callInfo.html?cId=’+cId, method : […]

Why does my website crash in IE?

My site works fine in Firefox, but it crashes in IE. I am using alot of jQuery in order to fade in content. When the user clicks on one of the above links a few times, it will crash in IE. Here is my site: Idea Palette I have absolutely no idea why the site […]

How to jump to a specific div which placed bottom of page using JavaScript?

I have a div which located at the bottom of the page: <div id=”myDiv”></div> I want to go to this div after performing of my JS-function. In other words, I want to have my url become myurl#myDiv and to go to my div. But without reloading the page. How this can be done using JavaScript? […]