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How to format HTML5 audio's currentTime property with Javascript

I am trying to format the HTML5 currentTime property using the following equation: var s = parseInt(audio.currentTime % 60); var m = parseInt((audio.currentTime / 60) % 60); duration.innerHTML = m + ‘:’ + s ; which works, only I want the seconds 1-9 to be displayed as :01 – :09 instead of :1 and :9 […]

How do I use window.history in JavaScript?

I found a lot of questions about this on Stack Overflow, but they were all very specific about certain parts. I did find this question whose answers provide some nice references, but they don’t actually explain how it all works, and their examples hardly do anything. I want to know more about how it all […]

indicator is not working in loadmask sencha touch

I have applied load-mask at controller level.i have added custom message like “loading…”. for the uses reference this will indicate, the page is loading. also i have set indicator:true. but i am not able to see the indicator. please any one help me. how to show the indicator to user. My code is Here: OnInitCompanyPage: […]

localStorage and boolean 'string'

Storing boolean value in localStorage, this value is converted to string. Now trying to converting back this value from localStorage to boolean, i need to use JSON.parse() method, the more handy !! doesn’t work. Code sample: var test = false; localStorage[‘test’] = test; console.log(“JSON.parse returns: “, JSON.parse(localStorage[‘test’]), “expected: “, test); console.log(“‘!!’ returns: “, !! localStorage[‘test’], […]

HTML 5 form browser compatibility issue with Internet Explorer

Why HTML5 forms are not compatible on IE 9? I don’t see forms validated on Internet explorer 9. It works fine on FF, Chrome, and Safari, but not on Internet Explorer.

Bootstrap Timepicker

I am trying to find a time picker widget, compatible with bootstrap styling. I really like the style of the jdewit widget, but it has a tremendous number of bugs. I am trying to finish this project quickly, so I don’t want to get bogged down in fixing library bugs. Can anyone else recommend a […]

tel: href “Click to call” link not working in Android

In my Cordova android app I have a link like this <a href = “tel:011123456789”>Click to Call</a> This click to call link is working in IOS as expected, but in Android the click is preventing by something like 11-26 11:13:00.565: D/WebCore(18944): uiOverrideUrlLoading: shouldOverrideUrlLoading() returnstrue this is my log cat result when clicked on the phone […]

How can i change the rotation icon in fabricjs

Please guide me to modify Fabricjs to add custom icon for Rotation. I get some of the answers but it is not working fine. Please let me know the code to change a particular rotation icon only.

Redirect html5 video after play

I have an html 5 video which i remove the control buttons and added a js code in order for the user to play the video when the video is clicked. What I need to do is to bind an additional script that will redirect the page after the video plays without a page reload. […]

FabricJS: Always Center Object on Canvas

is it possible to ALWAYS center an object on a fabricjs canvas? Background: I am building a webtool that makes it easy to create complex animations using fabricjs. I want to be able to set the canvas size to 100% for both width and height. Thus I want to place all my objects at the […]