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Keydownevent in fullscreen with FullScreen API

I use the JavaScript FullScreen API and jQuery in chrome and firefox. I want to stop keydownevent bubbling, because i don’t want that user left fullscreen mode with hotkeys (F11 and Ecs). But callback in chrome doesn’t call and callback in firefox call for F11 ,but not call for Esc. Why is this happening? $(document).bind({ […]

(How) Can I use Chrome's inspector to set breakpoints on files that use cachebusters?

I’m trying to set breakpoints on a JS file but Chrome doesn’t seem to recognize that the page is the same due to a cachebuster on the URL (e.g., &random=123). How can I convince Chrome that the page is the same regardless of its URL params?

Write File to disk chunk by chunk using web browser and client side javascript

Is it possible with newest Chrome, Firefox or IE to ask the user for a Save As location for a file and then write the file chunk by chunk with your own javascript algorithm “appending” bytes to the desired/choosen by user location. Let me clarify: Ask the user to point a Save As location for […]

html5 canvas: maxWidth argument to fillText produces ugly results in Chrome

The maxWidth argument to fillText can be used to restrict the maximum width the text renders into, however, in chrome I sometimes get very odd results. Here is a particularly bad example where I need to restrict the width of the text by just a couple pixels. Above is a call to fillText with no […]

Mobile browsers don't fire up resize event when hiding address bar

I have two sections on my website, whose height I set to window.innerHeight. When the resize event is fired the height is updated. This works perfectly on my desktop, but on my android phone I get some problems. In Chrome for android, if you scroll down so that the address bar gets hidden and the […]

layouts using flex seems to be broken in latest chrome

My Chrome has just auto updated itself to 29.0.1547.57. Now all the layouts with flex config are broken. With Safari and with Sencha Architect’s built in browser it’s all good. I wonder if I am the only one experiencing this. Is there any quick solution? Do not want to downgrade Chrome… Thanks

Detect blocked popup in Chrome

I am aware of javascript techniques to detect whether a popup is blocked in other browsers (as described in the answer to this question). Here’s the basic test: var newWin = window.open(url); if(!newWin || newWin.closed || typeof newWin.closed==’undefined’) { //POPUP BLOCKED } But this does not work in Chrome. The “POPUP BLOCKED” section is never […]

Adsense error: “Blocked a frame with origin..”

The full error is: Blocked a frame with origin “http://deltavmap.com” from accessing a frame with origin “http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net”. Protocols, domains, and ports must match. Where deltavmap is my site. I’ve found related questions to this kind of error but none that have given me a solution. The error doesn’t seem to appear in anyother browser excpet […]

Detect input type search clear button in Chrome (and IE10)

I’ve written a plugin, which imitates the behavior of a Chrome search input field. (Having an X, which clears the input). However, Chrome and IE10 are supporting such behavior natively, so I don’t want to apply the plugin in those browsers. I found a way for IE10. Inject a style element into the DOM, that […]

chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest.addListener function not being called

So I’m trying to make an extension that if you put a twitter username in the address bar and press enter, it will go to that twitter page instead of going to google, but it doesn’t even trigger the function no matter what I enter in the address bar. Manifest { “manifest_version”: 2, “name”: “Twitter […]