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Will Chrome allow my extension to send HTTPS requests to a self-signed server certificate?

Hopefully my question has been pretty clear. I’m trying to get send AJAX (HTTPS) requests to a server that I own from the background page of my Chrome extension. From what I’ve read, I can’t send AJAX requests to an unsigned/self-signed server without tinkering with my own browser settings, but I was wondering if Chrome […]

XMLHttpRequest behaving differently in Chrome 19 — 'faking' requests?

Here is some example code. Successively make four xmlhttprequests()s to the same url. In this case, I expect four requests to go on the wire, with four different responses, since in this case, the URL returns a new UUID on each call. In Chrome 18, Firefox, and Safari, this is what happens. In Chrome 19, […]

implementing google oauth2 for chrome extension interecting with our servers

What is desired: A chrome extension which uses google ooauth2.0 to log-in in extension, and sends data of his action safely to my servers with access token, where I get user details from the access token and save his actions, server implementation in php. What I have done: Registered Google API Access ‘Client ID for […]

Detecting Chrome plug-in warning

Is there any way to detect when Chrome shows the yellow bar at the top, asking the user to allow Java/Flash/Quicktime/whatever to run? I’m developing a Javascript app that includes a small Java applet, and I want to be able to prompt the user to click the “Always Allow” button. Right now I’m using a […]

jQuery.holdReady(false) – errors when invoked

I’m using yepnope.js to conditionally load css and js files into my page. I’ve merged my JS files into a single file. The structure is as follows: /* file */ // – copy pasted Jquery 1.7rc2.min here – (function () { console.log(“enabled hold”); jQuery.holdReady(true); })(); // – copy pasted yepnope.min here – yepnope([ { test: […]

Chrome Extension: window.innerWidth = 0 ? // bonus: maximizing window

I am creating a chrome extension to easily swap between different screen sizes (in order to test responsive design). Although this already exists, I figured it would be a good excercise. I am running into 2 problems: When I try to calculate the size of the frame (window.width – window.innerWidth), window.innerWidth displays as 0 in […]

Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLLIElement> has no method 'find'

My javascript code runs fine in Chrome, however if I keep ‘Developer Tools’ open I get an error Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method ‘find’ and the javascript code stops working. Here is the page. It is a Chrome specific problem.

Javascript only works when javascript console is open on chrome

I have a script (javascript) that works in firefox but not in chrome or IE. I opened chromes debug console to find the problem. No errors are reported and the code works perfectly. Running it again with the console closed does not work again. I verified that the version of the script is correct (not […]

Why Do Browsers Leak Memory?

A colleague and I were speaking about browsers (using browser control in a project), and it appears as plain as day that all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera) display the same characteristic or side-effect from their usage and that being ‘Leaking Memory’. Can someone explain why that is the case? Surely as with any form […]

Disable navigation swipe on Chrome browser in javascript

This question already has an answer here: Stop chrome back/forward two finger swipe 5 answers