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How to test browser for permission before “Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL” (Chrome local frame)?

The HTML parent window and iFrame content know about each other and communicate freely when they live on the same web server. When they are saved to DVD, Chrome throws an “Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL” when iFrame tries to contact top as a local file. The catch below catches the permission […]

Webkit-Transform:Scale doesn't work in HTML5 FullScreen mode (chrome only)

I’m working on a project that requires the page to scale all the elements up according to the page (for the curious: generates html from XBMC skins). Scaling working in windowed mode Scaling working with Chrome fullscreen mode Scaling not working with HTML5 requestFullScreen (note the black space) Now the problem I’m having is that […]

Touch screen detection: Chrome 17

according to What's the best way to detect a 'touch screen' device using JavaScript? I implemented a touch device detection using ((!!(‘ontouchstart’ in window) ? 1 : 0) == 1) This statement nicely returns true or false, also in the newest Chrome Browser (v17); just as stated. To beautify my code a bit, a put […]

HTML Form submission with javascript confirm delays on Google Chrome

I realized that there’s some delay on form submission with javascript confirmation on Google Chrome during my development. So I tried test with small html page to make sure whether the delay is caused by my application. But it still happening in the test page. I just don’t want to confirm on form’s onsubmit event […]

Will Chrome allow my extension to send HTTPS requests to a self-signed server certificate?

Hopefully my question has been pretty clear. I’m trying to get send AJAX (HTTPS) requests to a server that I own from the background page of my Chrome extension. From what I’ve read, I can’t send AJAX requests to an unsigned/self-signed server without tinkering with my own browser settings, but I was wondering if Chrome […]

XMLHttpRequest behaving differently in Chrome 19 — 'faking' requests?

Here is some example code. Successively make four xmlhttprequests()s to the same url. In this case, I expect four requests to go on the wire, with four different responses, since in this case, the URL returns a new UUID on each call. In Chrome 18, Firefox, and Safari, this is what happens. In Chrome 19, […]

implementing google oauth2 for chrome extension interecting with our servers

What is desired: A chrome extension which uses google ooauth2.0 to log-in in extension, and sends data of his action safely to my servers with access token, where I get user details from the access token and save his actions, server implementation in php. What I have done: Registered Google API Access ‘Client ID for […]

Detecting Chrome plug-in warning

Is there any way to detect when Chrome shows the yellow bar at the top, asking the user to allow Java/Flash/Quicktime/whatever to run? I’m developing a Javascript app that includes a small Java applet, and I want to be able to prompt the user to click the “Always Allow” button. Right now I’m using a […]

jQuery.holdReady(false) – errors when invoked

I’m using yepnope.js to conditionally load css and js files into my page. I’ve merged my JS files into a single file. The structure is as follows: /* file */ // – copy pasted Jquery 1.7rc2.min here – (function () { console.log(“enabled hold”); jQuery.holdReady(true); })(); // – copy pasted yepnope.min here – yepnope([ { test: […]

Chrome Extension: window.innerWidth = 0 ? // bonus: maximizing window

I am creating a chrome extension to easily swap between different screen sizes (in order to test responsive design). Although this already exists, I figured it would be a good excercise. I am running into 2 problems: When I try to calculate the size of the frame (window.width – window.innerWidth), window.innerWidth displays as 0 in […]