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JQuery scrollTop animation choppy in Chrome

I have an element I’m applying some basic transitions to based on scroll position. It works smoothly as expected in Safari and Firefox, but scrolling in Chrome is very choppy. $(document).ready(function($) { var divUp = $(‘.fade’); var divDown = $(‘.fade-down’); $(window).on(‘scroll’, function() { var st = $(this).scrollTop(); divUp.css({ ‘top’ : -(st/6)+”px”, ‘opacity’ : 1 – […]

Chrome extension modal dialog or other solution to notify users?

So I have created a chrome extension when clicked opens a popup for users to save curent tab as screenshot. Screenshot: The probelm is that when I go to some other tab and come back to tab where extension window was open, the window is no more there (though it still performs screenshot creation). Because […]

How to get browsing history using history API in Chrome extension

How can I get the URLs of recently visited tabs using chrome.history API, specifically, the last 10 URLs visited?

CKEditor textarea extending out past box in Chrome and Safari

In FF, Opera, IE the CKEditor is working and looks great. But in Chrome and Safari it is not sizing correctly, and is extending past the container that it is inside. I assume this is because Chrome and Safari are currently the most standards compliant. See the images below. Chrome Opera I tried removing all […]

JavaScript : Execute code only if it is not google chrome browser

Possible Duplicate: Safe feature-based way for detecting Google Chrome with Javascript? Using Javascript to detect Google Chrome to switch CSS Is there a statement that I can use with javascript, to only execute a code if the user is using a browser other than google chrome?

Firebug for Chrome

Can anyone recommend a decent extension to Google Chrome that is similar to Firebug? I did see that there are a couple of similar questions here on SO, but the answers seem to be very dated. Thanks!

How to open multiple tabs at once in chrome?

This question already has an answer here: Open multiple links in Chrome at once as new tabs 3 answers

getUserMedia fails with TrackStartError when allowing accessing to microphone

I am using Chrome Version 35.0.1916.114 m When I run my html page using IIS (e.g., localhost/test.html) and hit “Allow” to the http://localhost/ wants to use your microphone prompt, getUserMedia() fails with the following error: NavigatorUserMediaError {constraintName: “”, message: “”, name: “TrackStartError”} Code: var constraints = {audio: true, video: false}; … function successCallback(stream) { … […]

Title tag inside option (chrome)

I’ve searched a quite a bit but haven’t found a soulution yet. It seems that chrome doesn’t recognize the “alt” or “title” attribute inside an option tag, the problem can be reproduced on Chrome for windows (43.0.25357.130m) This doesn’t seems to affect IE nor firefox. Is there any alternative way to show a tooltip or […]

Exempt iframes from the main document's CSP sandbox

Is it possible to exempt iframe‘s from their parents’ CSP sandbox (when the parent has its CSP sandbox enabled using the Content-Security-Policy header)? I have seen https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webappsec/2013Jan/0027.html, but it doesn’t seem to be true. At least not any more. I’ve tried, because nothing else comes to mind, overriding the parents’ CSP header by serving the […]