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Simple addition exposes Javascript engine floating point error

This question already has an answer here: Is floating point math broken? 30 answers

content security policy issue with chrome extension

Trying to load different contents(can be pdf, swf etc.) in an ‘iframe’ through javascript in an chrome extension application. The content is loaded using the data URL scheme as : // this javascript is registered in the html file and the LoadFunction is registered inside the DOMContentLoaded event on the click of a button. void […]

TCP socket chrome

I am writing a WebApp which needs access to a TCP socket. This can be achieved by creating a chrome app and putting it on the web store. I am fine with that, but I want that my app is also accessible through an url. Is this possible? I don’t want a user need to […]

Span element not updating correctly

Update 3 – 10/09/2013: Just tested this with Version 29.0.1547.66 m and the problem still persists. If anyone else can test this out and let me know the results that would be great. You need an inline element such as a span with some text in, have it relatively positioned and moved by however many […]

Chrome geolocation not working on any site

I’m trying to build a site based on geolocation, and I’m thinking of using html5 geolocation. I built the w3c code and it wouldn’t work for me on google chrome, then I noticed that none of the online examples work for me on google chrome: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_geolocation.asp http://html5demos.com/geo The strange thing is that I do see […]

How to avoid being victim of Click Jacking?

Is there a way to detect and avoid click jacking as a user other than using a different profile on Chrome just for social activities ? A decently famous site ‘atozmp3 .co .in’ is using click jacking to get Facebook Likes. Is there a way we can find the sites and make a blacklist of […]

How to set a breakpoint on access a js-file/lib in dev tools in chrome?

Is it possible to get a breakpoint when debugging, so that it stops each time when the certain class is accessed, otherwise it runs normally. It’s very common use case when one don’t want to stop on jquery functions or other common libs functions, and want rather to stay on a specific js-file, but has […]

JavaScript Memory: Heap, Native, WebGL/GPU

Is it possible to see all sources of memory for JavaScript in Chrome? As far as I know the three above are what would be available. The Heap is your basic GC-able JS objects. “Native Memory” is not part of the Heap .. like DOM, TypedArrays, 2D context ImageData and so on. WebGL too is […]

Extjs – Grid columns don't line up with the grid header in chrome

I have an odd issue wherein an extjs grid has columns which fail to align with their column headers. This is specific to Chrome. Here’s example: And the same code in firefox (browsers are different widths): Here is my code: var summaryGrid = Ext.create(‘Ext.grid.Panel’, { store: ‘summary-data’, stripeRows: true, columnLines: true, autoShow: true, loadMask: true, […]

Allow Chrome to use unlimited memory

Is there any way to allow Chrome to use all the available RAM in the computer? The javascript running on the page is complex and needs a lot of memory. I would like Chrome to use as much memory as possible. Right now, the memory spikes up to around 800 MB and then I am […]