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Firefox Extension: Access the DOM Before It's Loaded

I’m trying to create a Firefox extension that fires my Javascript code before any of the current page’s Javascript is fired. My Javascript code will basically control whether or not the page’s Javascript code can be executed or denied. I first started out by trying to follow this answer, but I couldn’t really figure out […]

Initializing Disqus comments in hidden element causes issue in FF 14.0.1

This issue appears only in Firefox 14.0.1 (well I couldn’t reproduce it in any other browser). If you put the code for Disqus comments inside an element that is hidden and wait until everything is fully loaded and then display the element using JavaScript, the comment box nor comments will show up. However if you […]

Firefox shows different values from what I see from Firebug

I am not sure if it’s a bug or something else, but it looks so strange that I am totally confused. Please see the image below, the title of the note #note_title has value 3333 as in Firebug, but it is shown 44444 in the webpage, and in the console, from jQuery, the value of […]

`innerText` undefined in Mozilla Firefox

This question already has an answer here: 'innerText' works in IE, but not in Firefox 15 answers

How to adjust the direction of arrow in d3.js?

I copy the code from Mike Bostock’s slides (using the newest version of d3.js) The graph can be viewed at: http://cistrome.org/~hanfei/d3/bad_arrow/c.html However, I found some strange behavior of the markers(arrows), which is ok in Safari but becomes wrong in Firefox. (See the screenshot below) In Safari: In Firefox(14.0.1 newest): Anyone knows how to solve it?

Graphic Equalizer in Javascript with maximum compatibility

I need to make some sort of visualisation for while music is playing through a html5 player, I’ve been looking at the audio API and found that some parts work only on chrome, some only on firefox. I’m not that bothered about internet explorer but I need some kind of solution for the other two, […]

Using a specific JavaScript version (< 1.8.5)

I’m trying to test the writable property of undefined (assigning a value to undefined) using older JavaScript versions in Firefox but for some reason the code used to specify a version isn’t working. (To be more specific, versions inferior to 1.8.5 so that would be <= 1.8.2 I think.) I was trying to test the […]

Can't make sense of Firefox keycode reference

I’m attempting to simulate some keyboard keycodes (Alt + W) using initKeyEvent: evt = document.createEvent(“KeyboardEvent”); evt.initKeyEvent(“keypress”,true,true,window,0,true,0,0,?,?); body.dispatchEvent(evt); The problem is I can’t find the virtual key code value and Unicode character for w. The Firefox key events are documented here but I can’t make any sense of it. The initKeyEvent is specified here.

Check if html element exists with iMacros and javascript

I want to check if an HTML element exist with iMacros. If it does, I want to go to a URL. If not, I want to go to other URL. Because iMacros doesn’t have statements, I used javascript with the iMacros’ EVAL. Here is the line that handles the javascript execution: SET !VAR3 EVAL(“var element […]

Detecting OS (XP vs 7)

Yes, I’ve heard a million times that there is no reason to want to detect OS, but I’m getting different behaviors on both Firefox and Chrome between Windows XP and the exact same browser version on Windows 7. I’ve scoured the internet and turned up nothing that can do anything more than detect whether or […]