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Fancytree remove blue border when selected

Using fancytree, how can I prevent the boundary around the fancytree div from becoming blue when it’s active? To replicate, go to the link below, click inside the fancytree control (click any node) and the light gray dotted border gets a blue highlight. No good! http://wwwendt.de/tech/fancytree/demo/sample-configurator.html https://github.com/mar10/fancytree

Fancytree not visible has class ui-helper-hidden

I have just started with fancytree 2.6.0 and I am populating it from a web service request. My problem is that all the nodes are present but are made invisible by the ui-helper-hidden class. I have put in a temporary fix with: $(rootNode.ul).removeClass(‘ui-helper-hidden’); but I am sure I am missing something. The scripts and css: […]

Fancytree jQuery plugin – select node

I have difficulties in selecting a given node from fancytree plugin. So, I have tried something like: $(“#tree”).fancytree(“getTree”).visit(function(node){ node.select(n); }); where “n” is any number representing the node id, but it doesn’work, even if the select() function exists in documentation Could someone help?

How to set parent of children if the property `parent` is null

I have json data return from server and it has property of ‘parent’, I want that node to be the parent of node create,edit and delete. so the output will be the first level is “admin” ,since produce parent is null I want to put under “admin” , then the nodes “create,update and delete” are […]

FancyTree load all nested children on select

Here’s my issue. I’m using checkboxes and lazy load via ajax. However, if you were to check a parent item without expanding it, none of the child nodes have been loaded so they don’t get checked. How can I load all child and nested child nodes under a parent, and check them all, when they […]