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JavaScript: comma after opening bracket of parameter in syntax example

The syntax for methods such as Array.prototype.indexOf() look like this: arr.indexOf(searchElement[, fromIndex = 0]) What does [, …] mean, and why is the comma inside of the brackets?

Best JavaScript documentation?

Anyone knows javascript documentation like http://api.prototypejs.org/ website have?

Documentation for optional parameters in JavaScript

From the documentation for addEventListener I see the following pattern: target.addEventListener(type, listener[, useCapture]); Now I understand that useCapture is an optional parameter. Why does the [ then start before the comma (,) and not immediately after the comma that follows the listener parameter? What does the enclosing pair of [] actually suggest apart from the […]

How to interpret JQuery UI's API documentation?

How to interpret the JQuery UI API documentation? For example they write documentation like this Bind to the start event by type: selectablestart. $( “.selector” ).bind( “selectablestart”, function(event, ui) { … }); How do I know what methods I can invoke on ui?

JQuery API Doc generator for typescript custom Widget?

I have some custom typescript Widget have to create a API doc for that. I have searched a lot but i didn’t find anything useful. Is there is any tool for generate a API doc like Jquery API Note: I have used Natural Docs for my jquery custom widget, but i can’t use it in […]

How to create technical documentation for cross-language projects?

Our team mostly builds products written in Python and Javascript, and there are fantastic tools to generate docs for both of them (Sphinx, JSDoc, JSDuck, …). The problem that we face is that we end up with different documentation formats for each programming language, which live at different URLs and look completely different. We have […]

JSDoc Object of templated objects

Is there a way to loosely specify what type of objects should be inside the object you’re documenting? I’m looking to document an object of the following: var obj = { unknownName1: { name: “KnownValue” }, unknownName2: { name: “KnownValue”, offset: { x: 0, y: 0 } }, unknownName3: { name: “KnownValue”, offset: { x: […]

jsdoc: how to document properties using bracket notation?

Given this rather silly function, how should documentation be written for “range” param? /** * @param {number} value * @param {Object} range * @param {number} range[‘<‘] * @param {number} range[‘<=’] * @param {number} range[‘>’] * @param {number} range[‘>=’] */ function testIsInRange(value, range) { var threshold; if ((threshold = range[‘<‘], threshold !== undefined) && !(value < […]

Does doxygen have better filter for JavaScript?

I know that Doxygen doesn’t support JavaScript files. I have also looked at js2doxy.pl script and also this: Documenting JavaScript with Doxygen The first option(js2doxy.pl) is not producing relevant C++ code, it is also skipping all the prototype methods and leave them blank. The second option is working but not for prototype based programming. I […]

is it possible to build a debugger around the java scripting engine?

we are using the java 6 scripting engine in our product, and now we are thinking on adding some debugging abilities. my question is: is it possible? does the java 6 scripting engine has the same capabilities like rhino as far as debugging. some documentation about how to start doing it, some code samples any […]