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Rickshaw : data for multiple series not working

I’m trying to create some charts using Rickshaw, importing the data with ajax generated in php. If I use static datas, the chart displays; If I copy/paste the data generated in the php (from a console/log()), the chart displays; If I try to put the datas into a variable, and use that var in the […]

marker-end didn't work with firefox

i had an issue about the marker-end using d3, i used it in a gwt project,i created a file .js in which i put all my svg elements including this marker-end, and the problem is when i run the project in local-host with Firefox, the marker-end is displayed correctly, but when i deploy my project […]

d3 compound interest debt

I’m trying to create a compound interest modeling graph that, for each credit card, will allow users to modify (via slider) the amount of money they are paying each month and see that reflected in an exponential function graph — as they increase the slider amount, where the exponential curve meets the top axis (year) […]

2 D3.js force layout graphs on same page?

i am trying to have 2 d3.js force layout graphs on same page , created by one script only. I also applied various events on them. But one working on one graph, the same actions also applies to another, which i don’t need. I am not able to maintain the individuality between them. How can […]

D3 JS – tick spacing on time axis gets messed up by month boundary

Using d3.js, I found that when using a time scale for the x-axis, the major tick marks get messed up on a new month boundary. It appears to create a new tick mark on the new month even if that results in a tick too close to the previous tick. Not only does this mess […]

nvd3.js cumulativeLine Chart translate axis not working (interactive scope issue?)

I’m trying to make a custom chart starting with the Cumulative Line Chart http://nvd3.org/ghpages/cumulativeLine.html I’d like to display data with origin being top left so I swapped the y range, and now the x axis is on top and I need to translate it to the bottom. I’m trying to use the common d3js transform […]

D3 Multiline Chart with Tooltip Transition Issue

I have been using d3 to create a multiline chart with focus and context brushing. Everything is going well except on the transition the dots at the data points with the tooltips are moving to a completely wrong position. I can’t figure out what is causing this. Any help would be much appreciated. I attached […]

Multiple classes assigned via D3's .attr are not in the serialized (serializeToString) string

When attempting to serialize the SVG elements created by D3, multiple classes are not appearing in the resulting string. For example, http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/4063318 has a bit that adds a class to indicate the color of the data point: rect.filter(function(d) { return d in data; }) .attr(“class”, function(d) { return “day ” + color(data[d]); }) It renders […]

force directed nodes with circle packing

I want to create a Circle Packing for each node on a force directed layout. I am searching for an example, but I can’t find any. I am new to D3 and infovis. I have tried a few layouts, but I have no idea how to achieve this.

Why does adding labels slow down d3 zoomable Sunburst?

I am extending the d3 zoomable Sunburst, in particular Coffee Flavor Wheel: … with a relatively big dataset (about 1200 nodes). I have added labels as such: var textEnter = text.enter().append(“text”) .style(“fill-opacity”, 1) .attr(“text-anchor”, function(d) { return x(d.x + d.dx / 2) > Math.PI ? “end” : “start”; }) .attr(“dy”, “.2em”) .attr(“transform”, function(d) { var […]