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Disable mouse scroll when overflow-x: hidden [CSS,HTML]

PROBLEM: The contents of my div are positioned ‘absolute’ and the width of the contents are larger than the div. As required the “extra” contents are clipped using “overflow-x: hidden”. Although, if I try to horizontal scroll using the mouse-scroller, the content get visible. How do I not let this happen ? I am fine […]

Overriding containers CSS behavior

I have created a Javascript based element that can be embedded into websites. The Javascript itself adds the HTML code into a pre-defined HTML container and dynamically loads the necessary CSS file that contain the element’s visual definitions. The problem starts when the site itself has its own definitions for general items. For example: The […]

Javascript preload images for css background-image change

I am developing a website which requires the background image of a div to change on hover of a link. The way it works is by: <a href=”index.php” title=”Home “> <li id=”current”> Home<br \> <span class=”nav_desc”>Text text</span> </li> </a> <a href=”about.php” title=”About” id=”about-link” onmouseover=”hover(‘about’);” onmouseout=”hoverClear();”> <li id=”about”> About<br \> <span class=”nav_desc”>About me</span> </li> </a> <a […]

How to align div to top right corner of screen regardless of resolution?

This is in regards to the following page: http://kinkarso.com/rayku/slider.html I’m looking to position the box to the top right corner of the screen, but currently if the screen resolution is different, it doesn’t stay to the very right. Any ideas? Thanks!

How to change the background behind of a jquery-ui modal dialog?

I am using the smoothness theme. I only want to change the default background that it is too much soft. http://jqueryui.com/demos/dialog/#modal

Alter the CSS of the first p tag after each H4 tag

I have a stylesheet which indents paragraphs by 20px, but I do not want an indent on the first paragraph after each H4. So I have something like this: <p>Paragraph 1</p> <p>Paragraph 2</p> <h4>Sub Heading</h4> <p>Paragraph 3</p> <p>Paragraph 4</p> Using jquery I want to override the css on Paragraph 3 so there is no text-indent. […]

How can I automatically refresh my site while editing the CSS?

I am working on HTML/CSS/JavaScript from within emacs. My workflow is currently Make a change -> Alt-Tab to browser -> F5 (refresh) -> Alt Tab to emacs Do any extensions exist that would auto-refresh the browser on a change? Or, possibly a better idea, when I hit a key combination from within emacs?

Force click on empty link to not move the page focus

I’ve got an empty link: <a href=”#” id=”stop-point-btn”>+ add stop-point</a> bound to a JS function: $(“#stop-point-btn”).bind(“click”, addStopPoint); which simply adds some content in a div: function addStopPoint() { $(“#stop-point-content”).append(stopPointHtml()) } Upon click, if I have scrolled a bit down, it moves me back to the top of the page (of course, because of the provided […]

Bold text on checkbox check

I have a div with an h3 tag who’s text I would like to bold when a checkbox is checked. I have seen solutions with labels but I don’t believe it works in my case. Here’s the code: HTML: <div class=”imagecontainer”> <div id=”imagewrap” class=”wrap”> <img src=”../images/travel.gif” id=”img_prev” width=”450″ height=”450″ /> <h3 class=”desc”>”Perfection is not attainable, […]

Disable selected options between 5 selectlists with JQuery

I have 5 selectboxes in my HTML page and I’m trying to disable all the options in the other selectboxes that are already selected, they also have to be re-enabled when they are deselected. So far I came to this result: Click here for JSFiddle Using this JQuery $(‘.poli’).on(‘keyup change’, function () { $(this) .siblings(‘select’) […]