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“Chrome Apps” webview.executeScript access guest global varibles

I can access a Chrome App Webview HTML with: webview.executeScript( {code: ‘document.documentElement.innerHTML’}, function(results) { // results[0] would have the webview’s innerHTML. }); But I would like to get the value of global variables in the Guest like so: webview.executeScript( {code: ‘window.globalVar’}, function(results) { // results[0] should have the webview’s value of “globalVar”. }); How can […]

How to receive UDP broadcast packets in Chrome App running on Android

I can receive broadcast packets without any problems within a windows running chrome app. However, when I take that app and compile using the cordova/crosswalk tools I can’t seem to receive any packets. I see all the packets in wireshark. My packet is transmitted from: and broadcasted on (a broadcast on does […]