reset ckeditor value on form reset button

I have a form reset button on my form:

<a href="#" id="reset_button" class="btn" onClick="name_of_form.reset();">Reset</a>

This resets all the controls on my form except the ckeditor, and I want to be able to reset the value of the ckeditors on the form.

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    So how do I go code the reset of the ckeditor into the form reset button?

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    There’s no easy way to synchronize CKEditor with <textarea>. But it is possible to synchronize <textarea> with CKEditor (editor.updateElement). I’d set empty data to the editor first and call editor.updateElement() to reset both field and the editor:

    ... onClick="CKEDITOR.instances.theInstance.setData( '', function() { this.updateElement(); } )" ...

    If you want to have a more generic solution, here is a small jQuery plugin that will handle all reset buttons in all forms on your site:

     * This will fix the CKEDITOR not handling the input[type=reset] clicks.
    $(function() {
        if (typeof CKEDITOR != 'undefined') {
            $('form').on('reset', function(e) {
                if ($(CKEDITOR.instances).length) {
                    for (var key in CKEDITOR.instances) {
                        var instance = CKEDITOR.instances[key];
                        if ($(instance.element.$).closest('form').attr('name') == $('name')) {

    This code will only reset the CKEDITOR instances of the form that’s being reset.