Programmatical click on <a>-tag not working in Firefox

I have a problem with the click()-function from jquery. I create a <a>-element with document.createElement('a') and want call the click()-function about this element. About this element i want to create a Excel-file and save this at the desktop.

My code:

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  • $('body').on('click', '#test', function(event) {
        var link = document.createElement('a'); = 'test.xls';
        link.href = 'data:application/;utf-8,test';;

    This function work under chrome, but not under firefox.

    Working example:

    Does anyone have any idea why that does not work?

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    In Firefox, you can explicitly add the created element to the DOM and it will work:

    $('body').on('click', '#test', function(event) {
        var link = document.createElement('a');
        // Add the element to the DOM
        link.setAttribute("type", "hidden"); // make it hidden if needed = 'test.xls';
        link.href = 'data:application/;utf-8,test';;


    You can use jquery for creating the element. It will work on both the browsers

    $(document).on('click', '#test', function (event) {
        var link = $("<a/>", {
            "download": "test.xls",
            "href": "data:application/;utf-8,test"