Why doesn't my schema to add default values in mongoose arrays?

I have a schema like this: var CustomUserSchema = new Schema({ role: [], permissions: [], }); permissions field store an array of strings that looks like this: [“Delete”, “Show”,”Create”] whereas role field stores an array of objects that looks like this: [ { name:”admin”, priority:10, permissions: [“Delete”, “Show” , “update”] }, { name:”user”, priority:5, permissions: […]

Format date in ES6

I am formatting a Date, with not momentjs or any other library, just pure JS. And I want to know if there is a way to simplify this with ES6 let currentDate = new Date(); const videosInformation = { time: currentDate.getHours() + ‘:’ + currentDate.getMinutes(), date: (currentDate.getMonth() + 1) + ‘/’ + currentDate.getDate() + ‘/’ […]

Pass png image from JavaScript to PHP (Error: Request-URI Too Large)

I try to pass a png image from JavaScript to PHP page by pressing a button. But it returns me an error stating “Request-URI Too Large”. Below is my codes: myJavaScript.js var w = window.open(); var dom = w.document; var a = canvas[0].toDataURL(“image/png”); dom.write(‘< input type=”button” value=”Submit” onclick=”location.href=\’result.php?a=’ + a + ‘\'” ></input>’); result.php <?php […]

Embedding variable in HTML from another c# class

I am new to JavaScript, HTML, C# so bare with me… I am using an ASP.NET framework. Within my welcome page (after a user logs in) I want to customize the paragraph text to include their login information. For example: <p> Welcome to the website! </p> Is what the code would have currently, but what […]

Why can't I use javascript setInterval with a function in an external file?

The following works perfectly fine…displays an alert every 10 seconds <script type=’text/javascript’> function letsTest(){ alert(“it works”); } var uptimeId = window.setInterval(letsTest, 10000); </script> But when I place my letsTest function in a file called javaScript.js, it no longer works. main page: <script src=’lib/javaScript.js’ type=’text/javascript’> var uptimeId = window.setInterval(letsTest, 10000); </script> javaScript.js function letsTest(){ alert(“it works”); […]

Chart Js Change Label orientation on x-Axis for Line Charts

I am useing chart.js Similar to this Question I would like to rotate my x-axis labels 90 degrees. Currently my labels are rotated about 80 degrees with default settings. Could somebody help me adapt the bar-chart solution for rotating labels so that I can use it on line-charts?

How to find what intercepts my form submit?

My <form> submit is not doing anything, I think it’s because the action is intercepted by some JQuery code (what else can it be?). In my reasonably complex web application, I can’t even find which line of code is intercepting the action — yes I wrote every line of them, but still I have no […]

Using the response from an asynchronous call with the Google Maps API

I have a .json file that I’m trying to import as a text string. This is the exact file contents: { “type”: “Polygon”, “coordinates”: [ [ [ 1.5887868, 50.8315241 ], [ 1.5830702, 50.8466931 ]……. ] ] ] } I’m trying to import it using this: jsonString = jQuery.get(‘./polygons/1.json’, function(data) { console.log(data); }); However, console.log(data) is […]

node.js + socket.io + express.js: No connection

I’ve been trying to set up a simple socket.io example, but it refuses to work properly. The client runs on Apache2 and should access the node.js-server via the port 3000. There doesn’t seem to be any connection and it doesn’t seem to matter whether the server’s actually running – if the node.js-process is manually stopped […]

How Can I open the Text file in my MVC application?

I want to fetch the Text data from a Text file :: For that, I have used code like :: public ActionResult Log() { StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(Server.MapPath(“~/Views/Builder/TestLogger.txt”)); return View(reader); } I have made this text file from “Log4Net”. I wat to know that How can I fetch the contents of this Text file […]