convert string into datetime format in Javascript

i have a string which, i want to compare with a javascript datetime object. how to convert string “1/1/1912” into datetime using JavaScript so that i can compare like if (EDateTime > (‘1/1/1912’)) {…}

Why is the HTML comment open block valid JavaScript?

In some old code, I found a JavaScript file with it’s contents surrounded by HTML comments. I understand the reasons for doing that in old browsers, but not how it is valid JavaScript in any way. The expression <!– is undefined in Chrome and IE’s console. Is this a special case handled by the interpreter […]

jQuery Slide Toggle Not Working – Resolved

On the first click, it works as expected: the class is changed and the html content is changed from ‘Show…’ to ‘Close…’ the content area is expanded with the slideDown effect, Good so far. On the second click, … the class changes the html content is changed from ‘Close…’ to ‘Show…’ The content area does […]

How to use multiple .find() after selector in jquery chaining?

Basically what the title says – I’m wondering if there’s a way to use .find() on the same jQuery selector multiple times. Or maybe using .find() more than once isn’t the right way to do this? Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish: HTML <div id=”foo”> <h2>A Header</h2> <p>Some text</p> </div> JS $(“#foo”).find(“h2”).html(“New header”); $(“#foo”).find(“p”).html(“New text”); […]

Integrate gzip with GWT

I want to use gzip with GWT Please suggest how do i compress my GWT nocache.js,cache.html and gwt.rpc files using gzip Please help me Thanks

Regex to check only capital letters, two special characters (& and Ñ) & without any space between

I am using below code snippet to validate my input string with: only capital letters, numbers and two special characters (those are & and Ñ) & without any space between. var validpattern = new RegExp(‘[^A-Z0-9\d&Ñ]’); if (enteredID.match(validpattern)) isvalidChars = true; else isvalidChars = false; Test 1: “XAXX0101%&&$#” should fail i.e isvalidChars = false; (as it […]

javascript – how to minfy/obfuscate global function names?

I have some code that has the following format: function myfunc1 () { … jquery.bind(‘click’, myfunc2) … } function myfunc2 () { … } … Yes, the functions are global, but it’s ok since I’m writing within a google chrome extension content script, so it’s sandboxed. Now, I’m trying to minify and obfuscate the code. […]

Change class css with javascript onclick

How can i change css with javascript when i click on it? I would like to change .javakast to .javakast2 and when i click multiple times on it should move back and forth. <script> $(“.ribad”).click(function(){ $(“javakast”).toggleClass(“javakast2”); }); </script> CSS .javakast{ background-color:blue; width:200px; height:200px; margin-top:-20px; margin-left:-20px; position:absolute; z-index:999999; } .javakast2{ background-color:red; width:200px; height:200px; margin-top:-20px; margin-left:300px; position:absolute; […]

Regular Expression to match <a> tags without http://

how to match html “a” tags, only the ones without http, using regular expression? ie match: blahblah… < a href=\”somthing\” > …blahblah but not blahblah… < a href=\”http://someting\” > …blahblah

Find longest word in string – JavaScript

I am currently on a task in python and i need help with this and i am to Write a function called longest which will take a string of space separated words and will return the longest one. For example: longest(“This is Andela”) => “Andela” longest(“A”) => “A” This is the sample test const assert […]