Check if there are more elements to come in $.each()

I am using the $.each() method of jQuery to loop over a couple of objects. Is there a way to find out if there are more objects to come in the $.each() method? Something like: $.each(data, function(o, myObject) { if(data.hasMoreObjects) { // append something } else { // append nothing } });

Python x[1:2:3] in Javascript?

Right to the point: I’m trying to find some JavaScript version of the Python list split function ex: >>> x=[1,2,3,4,5] >>> x[1:4] [2, 3, 4]

Is TRANSACTION possible using sequelize?

I’m using a script that first sets the status of all my rows to 0, then individually sets the status of some of the rows to different values. This is done once per minute. I’ve already noticed multiple times that I can do a SELECT on my database and get completely incorrect results as many […]

Parsing a JSON object in javascript

I have the following JSON Object: [{“id”:”123″,”username”:”test”}] I want to parse username using javascript so i did this var content = ‘[{“id”:”123″,”username”:”test”}] obj = JSON.parse(content) alert(obj.username) I get an alert: undefined I’ve tried parsing the JSON without the [ ] and it worked For example: var content = ‘{“id”:”123″,”username”:”test”}’ obj = JSON.parse(content) alert(obj.username) My question […]

SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'keys' for IE

I found strange for the following code: var allextRules = Ext.util.CSS.getRules(); Object.keys(allextRules).forEach(function(key) { var keyname = key; if(keyname.indexOf(“js”) != -1){ Ext.util.CSS.removeStyleSheet(keyname); console.log(keyname + ” Removed”); } }); When the above work is tested in other browser (say – Google Chrome), there is no error. However, when tested in IE 9, there is error as follows: […]

Alternate to body onload = (string) for Javascript

I’m (somewhat) new to JavaScript and I’m writing a timing plugin that requires <body onload=”mktClock_standard(); setInterval(‘mktClock_standard()’, 1000 ); mktClock_military(); setInterval(‘mktClock_standard()’, 1000 )”> And I was wondering if there’s a way to do that , but in JavaScript, like using window.onload or something. I tried simply: window.onload = mktClock_standard(); setInterval(‘mktClock_standard()’, 1000 ); mktClock_military(); setInterval(‘mktClock_standard()’, 1000 ) […]

How do i auto delete a row of data in my database after 15days?

i want the site(if possible the database itself) to delete a row data in the database, without interacting with the site like opening or loading it. i searched some tutorials/post but i only saw codes that need to be interacted. Thanks. Sorry for the bad English.

JS Short for if (a == b || a == c)

I’m searching for a short way to write this: if ( variable == 1 || variable == 2 || variable == 6) I tried if (variable == 1 || 2 || 6) but it doesn’t seem to work. Is there an easy way to do this?

How does this “days in month” function work?

function GetDaysInMonth(month, year) { return 32 – new Date(year, month, 32).getDate(); } Ok, I don’t see what this is doing specifically, this part: new Date(year, month, 32).getDate(); I know what getDate() does, but then I looked up Date in JavaScript but in this particular example, I don’t see why you’d pass 32 here. How can […]

Why this button doesn't cause triple postback?

We have developed a page with a and debugging it accidentally we have discovered on our page button with the next code on onclik attribute onclick=”__doPostBack(‘ctl00$FormPlace$m_userTaskMarkAsUnreadButton’,”); __doPostBack(‘ctl00$FormPlace$m_userTaskMarkAsUnreadButton’,”);WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(new WebForm_PostBackOptions(“ctl00$FormPlace$m_userTaskMarkAsUnreadButton”, “”, true, “”, “”, false, false))” It seems that the button do three postbacks but when we click it only cause on postback. With this code […]