How to get keycode for hash #?

May I know what is the keycode for hash sign (#)? I have searched through some resources but couldn’t find. Is it possible to get keycode for this symbol? How about other punctuations? Thanks.

jQuery toggleClass doesn't work with label

Why doesn’t toggleClass() work with label element? And how can I fix it? If you only click on the label (not the checkbox) you’ll see the color doesn’t change. jsFiddle $(document).ready(function() { $(‘.filter-set label’).click(function() { $(this).toggleClass(‘active’); }); }); .active { color: red; } <script src=””></script> <div class=”filter-set”> <ul> <li><label><input name=”checkbox” type=”checkbox”> label 1</label></li> <li><label><input name=”checkbox” […]

HTML5 Web Storage vs Cookies

I want to display a message to first time visitors of a specific page on my site. The message will only need to appear once. This would be pretty simple to do using cookies but is there more benefit to using HTML5 localStorage? If so how would it be implemented?

Removing class from a Div in Javascript

This question already has an answer here: How to remove the class in javascript? 3 answers

Which for loop is more efficient in javascript?

Which one is more efficient? // < 11 for(var i = 0; i < 11; i++){ … } or // <= 10 for(var i = 0; i <= 10; i++){ … } I don’t know exactly how the for function works but I’m assuming that < 11 is more effiecient because in <= 10 it […]

Javascript code Substring

I’m trying to create a gadget for win 7, that retrieves the RSS feed from a site. So far so good, everything works fine, just that I want to add something extra. The gadget so far extracts the link from the feed and stores it in a variable named ‘articlelink’, the link is usually something […]

when clicking <a href=“#”></a> don't want to go to top of page

Possible Duplicate: Href=“#” Don't Scroll I have the following html in my code <a href=”#”>link</a> When i click on ‘link’, then my page goes automatically to top what is very normal as you all know. But i want that my page stays where it is when clicked on that link. Somebody knows a good workaround […]

ExtJs 3 or 4 – LostFocus event

In ExtJs there is an “focus” event listener for Ext.form.Text (alias – textfield), it forks just fine. But i actually nead to catch “lost focus” event for textfield. Is there a event listner in ExtJs or JavaScript, that will help me to handle “lost focus” event?

does javascript support multiple inheritance like C++

i know how to do inheritance in javascript but i can only inherit a single object. eg. function fun1() { this.var1=10; this.meth1=function() { … … }; } function fun2() { this.var2=20; this.meth2=function() { … … }; } function fun3() { this.var3=30; this.meth3=function() { … … }; } now if i want an fun3 object to […]

Css onclick change class

I want to change a class when I click. The class is icon icon_plus, and when i click i want that class to be icon icon_minus-06and if click again back tothe original My HTML code <a href=”#” id=”top-bar-trigger” class=”top-bar-trigger”><i id=”icon” class=”icon icon_plus”></i></a> My javascript code : <script> $(“”).click(ontop); function ontop() { $(“#icon”).toggleClass(“icon icon_minus-06”); } </script> […]