The reason to use JS .call() method?

I’m interested what’s the reason to have call() method in JS. It seems it duplicates usual method of calling this. For example, I have a code with call(). var obj = { objType: “Dog” } f = function(did_what, what) { alert(this.objType + ” ” + did_what + ” ” + what); }, “ate”, “food”); […]

Ionic framework $state.go('app.home'); is adding back button on page where i want to go (how to remove it)?

I have app with sidebar menu. I am on second page and i’m calling controller function which redirect me to first page using: $state.go(‘app.home’); Problem is that on this page is now displayed back button next sidebar menu icon, see image below: Could somebody tell me how to deny to add back button into pages […]

delay JQuery effects

I want to fade out an element and all its child elements after a delay of a few seconds. but I haven’t found a way to specify that an effect should start after a specified time delay.

type checking in javascript

How can I check if a variable is currently an integer type? I’ve looked for some sort of resource for this and I think the === operator is important, but I’m not sure how to check if a variable is an Integer (or an Array for that matter)

How do I use WebStorm for Chrome Extension Development?

I just bought WebStorm 5 and so far have been really enjoying its Inspection features. One hitch I’ve run in to when developing my Chrome extension is that it doesn’t recognize the chrome variable: Is there a way I can add the chrome variable to the Inspector so that it can autocomplete as I type? […]

Finding DOM node index

I want find the index of a given DOM node. It’s like the inverse of doing document.getElementById(‘id_of_element’).childNodes[K] I want to instead extract the value of K given that I already have the reference to the child node and the parent node. How do I do this?

Google CDN for Angular Dependencies?

Is there a way to reduce the following includes down to one? <script src=”//”></script> <script src=”//”></script> <script src=”//”></script> <script src=”//”></script> <script src=”//”></script> I cannot find a combined version of these hosted on Google’s CDN.

How to display javascript variables in a html page without document.write

I am trying to display some javascript variable on my html page. I was first using document.write() but it use to overwrite the current page when the function was called. After searching around, the general consensus was that document.write() isn’t liked very much. What are the other options? I found a page suggesting using .innerHTML […]

JavaScript mapping touch events to mouse events

I’m using the YUI slider that operates with mouse move events. I want to make it respond to touchmove events (iPhone and Android). How can I produce a mouse move event when a touchmove event occurs? I’m hoping that just by adding some script at the top that touchmove events will get mapped to the […]

Convert camelCaseText to Camel Case Text

How can I convert a string either like ‘helloThere’ or ‘HelloThere’ to ‘Hello There’ in Javascript