Array functions in jQuery

I am using jQuery in my web application. I want to use arrays, but I am not able to find out functions for arrays (add, remove or append elements in array) in jQuery. Is there any link related to jQuery array functions which will explain the jQuery array functions?

How to make an API call using meteor

Ok here is the twitter API, Can any one give me any hint about how to go about calling this API or link using Meteor Update:: Here is the code that i tried but its not showing any response if (Meteor.isClient) { Template.hello.greeting = function () { return “Welcome to HelloWorld”; };{ ‘click […]

jquery select element by xpath

i have an xpath selector. How can i get the elements matching that selector using jquery? I’ve seen but it doesn’t use jquery, and it seems a little too verbose, and i suppose its not cross-browser. Also, this doesn’t seem to work…

Call a JavaScript function name using a string?

How can I hook up an event to a function name I have defined as a string? I’m using Prototype.js, although this is not Prototype-speficic. $(inputId).observe(‘click’, formData.fields[x].onclick); This would result in JavaScript complaining that my handler is not a function. I would prefer not us use eval().

Testing for console.log statements in IE

Possible Duplicate: 'console' is undefined error for internet explorer If you have console.log statements in your code, Internet Explorer will throw a JavaScript error (at least in IE7 which is what our intranet users have installed). I am using Firefox for most of my development testing primarily because of the functionality provided by Firebug (where […]

function fail never called if user declines to share geolocation in firefox

So I have this javascript code. In safari and chrome, if user declines to share location, it goes to fail function as it should; however, in Firefox, it does not. Any helps appreciated. function initGeolocation() { if( navigator.geolocation ) { // Call getCurrentPosition with success and failure callbacks navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition( success, fail ); } else { […]

How do we or can we use node modules via npm with Meteor?

How do we or can we use node modules via npm with Meteor? Or is that something that will be dependent on the packaging API? Or is there a prescribed method that is recommended?

jQuery – get the first class only from a element

The element looks like this: <li class=”blah active”> … </li> jQuery.attr(‘class’) will return both classes. How can I get only the 1st class (‘blah’ in this case) with jQuery?

Including js from

I have a demo page that is linking to…/master/…/file.js so that I don’t need to always copy the .js file over to the gh-pages branch every time it’s changed. This works in every browser except IE which complains: SEC7112: Script from was blocked due to mime type mismatch This complaint is coming […]

AngularJS Directives: Change $scope not reflected in UI

I’m trying to making some custom elements with AngularJS’s and bind some events to it, then I notice $scope.var won’t update UI when used in a binding function. Here is a simplified example that describing the probelm: HTML: <!doctype html> <html ng-app=”test”> <head> <script src=””></script> <script src=”script.js”></script> </head> <body> <div ng-controller=”Ctrl2″> <span>{{result}}</span> <br /> <button […]