AngularJs Ajax POST form with file upload

I’m trying to set up a form to be submitted using an ajax request to an api that has already been built using Ajax. For some reason the file just doesn’t want to transfer to the system although there is already a back end built to handle this, and it works fine. My service looks […]

Adding object properties into a JSON object

I have a JSON object in this format. [ { “name”: “schoolname”, “line id”: “0”, “time”: “4-5”, “minage”: “15”, “maxage”: “35” }, { “name”: “studentname1”, “line id”: “1”, “class”: “A” }, { “name”: “studentname2”, “line id”: “2”, “class”: “B” } ] What I want to do From a set of specified headers, get it from […]

How do I make this async foreach loop work with promises?

I’ve already messed around with Promises in it, but I’m new to them and I just can’t figure out how to do it properly. At the moment, there’s no point to the Promise, because it doesn’t wait till the async $.get completes. Basically, each foreach iteration has its own $.get function, and I need to […]

Google Chrome Extension Manipulate DOM of Open or Current tab

Ok, JavaScript/jQuery I got that, I can work with that to do what I want in general. However what I am trying to do currently is work with the DOM of the open/current tab, and I am wondering if that is possible or is all the work I do with an extension limited to the […]

Chrome remembers scroll position

I’m running into a problem that’s actually a “feature” on Chrome. As most of you might know, Chrome remembers a scroll position that it returns to, whenever you come back to a page. And I kind of have a problem with that. Is there any way to override this without the user noticing? Mees Failed […]

Protractor times out waiting for sync with page when using $resource

I’m testing Protractor with a small AngularJS app. This is the test: describe(‘Testing Protractor’, function() { var draftList; it(‘should count the number of drafts’, function() { browser.get(‘#/’); draftList = element.all(by.repeater(‘newsletter in drafts’)); expect(draftList.count()).toEqual(2); }); }); Controller: angular.module(‘myApp.controllers’, []). controller(‘DraftsCtrl’, [‘$scope’, ‘Draft’, function($scope, Draft) { $scope.drafts = Draft.query(); }]) Draft service: angular.module(‘’, [‘ngResource’]). factory(‘Draft’, [‘$resource’, function($resource) […]

Accessing multiple JSON files in JavaScript

I have some sprite sheets with the atlus saved in a JSON format. I’m structuring my atlus based upon the structure from BrowserQuest. Each of their JSON files looks like: { “id”: “agent”, “width”: 24, “height”: 24, “animations”: { “idle_down”: { “length”: 2, “row”: 0 } }, “offset_x”: -4, “offset_y”: -8 } But I’m wondering, […]

How do I make components in React Native without using JSX?

The canonical way of using React Native is apparently with JSX: render: function() { var movie = MOCKED_MOVIES_DATA[0]; return ( <View style={styles.container}> <Text>{movie.title}</Text> <Text>{movie.year}</Text> <Image source={{uri: movie.posters.thumbnail}} /> </View> ); } How would I do this using JavaScript only? Typically in normal React, React.createElement(‘div’) would work as an alternative to JSX, but I get an […]

Unexpected token: u JSON.parse() issue

I have read online that the unexpected token u issue can come from using JSON.parse(). On my iPhone 5 there is no problem, but on my Nexus 7 I get this sequence of errors: View large I realize this is a duplicate, but I am not sure how to solve this for my specific problem. […]

Jquery Selector for Element type and Class name?

I have an element we’ll call selectedTable that contains this innerHtml: <TBODY> <TR> <TD></TD> <TD></TD> <TD class=’ms-cal-nav-buttonsltr’></TD> </TR> </TBODY> I’m trying to use JQuery selectors to return the <TD> tag with the “ms-cal-nav-buttonsltr” class. I’ve found that $(selectedTable).find(“TD”) returns all the TD tags in the table as expected, but I’m wondering how I might go […]