How can I cache image files locally with PhoneGap / Cordova?

Here’s my problem : I making a Web/Mobile app, using AngularJS and Cordova. For offline purpose, I use localStorage to store all the data of the app (JSON, parameters, and so on). The thing is : I need to store / cache images locally (again, offline purpose). As localStorage size limit is around 5mo, I […]

Why is eval unsafe in javascript?

Possible Duplicate: Why exactly is eval evil? I read people claim that eval is unsafe when run on arbitrary user input code. I understand this in other languages that run on the server that access the filesystem, etc. However, why does this matter when executing code in a browser? After all, can’t you just fire […]

inline javascript in href

How can you do something like this: <a href=”some javascript statement that isn’t a function call;” >myLink</a> And have the js in the href execute when the link is clicked.

Node.js server.address().address returns ::

If I remember correctly it used to display “localhost” a few days ago. I am not sure what had changed that made server.address().address return double colons (::) instead. I read here that it returns an IPv6 address (::) if it is available but it’s disabled on my PC.

How do I simulate browser events when writing tests for React js?

How do I simulate a click on a div element? Or a mouse move? Or text input? How do I do it in a server side nodejs environment, like mocha? And how do I do it in a browser environment, with a runner like karma?

Get chrome's console log

I want to build an automation testing, so I have to know the errors that appear in the console of chrome. there is an option to get the error lines that appear in the console? In order to see the console: right click somewhere in the page, click “inspect element” and then go to “console”.

What's the difference between queryAll and querySelectorAll

The definitions from the DOM Standard seems almost exactly the same, and I don’t understand the difference. What is the difference between queryAll and querySelectorAll. The evaluation logic from DOM standard is below, but I am not smart enough to understand it. query & queryAll To match a relative selectors string relativeSelectors against a set, […]

Make a <br> instead of <div></div> by pressing Enter on a contenteditable

I’ve written a bit of code in my keyboard event handler to insert a <br> in response to the press of the Enter key: event.preventDefault(); document.execCommand(‘InsertHTML’, true, ‘<br>’); This only works if the cursor is between two Letters, if its on the end i need two <br>-Elements. Can i detect if i’m on the end […]

How to be sure that message via has been received to the client?

How to check that message sent with library has been received to the client. Is there special method for it in Thanks for your answers!

how to use iscroll javascript in phone gap?

I have tried implementing the iscroll java script for my application as a remedial process for the CSS position:fixed that does not work in android 2 and 3 versions using cordova 2.1.0 I have copied the javascript of iscroll-lite from here html code <div id=”wrapper” class=”wrapper”> <div id=”wrapper-container” class=”wrapper-container”> <div id=”header” class=”header”> <div id=”header_title” class=”header_title”> […]