Interceptor not working

Im trying to make a Interceptor in AngularJS. I’m quite new to AngularJS and found some examples of Interceptor, but can’t get it to work. Here I have my app.js file, which have all relevant code. I also have a controller which calls a REST api and get JSONP returned. First I declare the module […]

Contenteditable DIV – how can I determine if the cursor is at the start or end of the content

I have a contenteditable div which contains typical wysiwyg editor html (bold, anchors, lists). I need to determine if the current cursor is, onKeyDown, at the start and at the end of the div. The reason for this is, based on the cursor position, and the key pressed, I might want to merge this div […]

Adding a function to onclick event by Javascript!

Is it possible to add a onclick event to any button by jquery or something like we add class? function onload() { //add a something() function to button by id }

Loading scripts after page load?

I work with an advertising company, where we tag certain pages to track activity. A client of mine wants to fire off a javascript tag to track activity AFTER the page has finished loading entirely (to prevent the page content from loading slowly due to slow tag load times). An example tag that should load […]

Highcharts data off by one day

I have a Highchart that I cannot seem to fix. The dates on the xAxis are correct but the dates on the labels are off by one day. No matter what data I pass to my chart it is always off by one day. I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this […]

JavaScript – OffFocus event?

What I want to do is display an input field with the text color black. Then when the person clicks inside the input field (onfocus) I want to change the text color to red. Then, when the person click outside of the input fied (no longer focus), I want to change the text color back […]

Autoformat SSN while entering the number

I have a textfield and the user enters the SSN number. While entering itself it should format. Like On the change of the textField… it should format 999-999-999 in this way on the display itself.

RegEx – Time Validation ((h)h:mm)

/^\d{1,2}[:][0-5][0-9]$/ is what I have. this limits minutes to 00-59. It does not, however, limit hours to between 0 and 12. For similarity and uniformity I would like to do this with RegEx alone if possible. Further-more I would like the first digit to be optional. i.e. 09:30 accepted as well as 9:30. I played […]

Display data inside input value using Jade

I’m fairly new to Jade and am wanting to display some outputted data as the value value of a text input. Like this: input(type=”text”, name=”date”, value=”THISRIGHTHURR”) But only the value needs to be I’ve tried multiple ways and none seem to work: input(type=”text”, name=”date”, // doesn’t work input(type=”text”, name=”date”, // doesn’t work […]

how to animate following the mouse in jquery

OK, this works perfectly fine for following my mouse. // $(document).mousemove(function(e){ $(“#follower”).css({ ‘top’: e.pageY + ‘px’; ‘left’: e.pageX + ‘px’; }); }); // And this works great for animating the mouse to a clicked point // $(document).click(function(e){ $(“#follower”).animate({ top: e.pageY + ‘px’; left: e.pageX + ‘px’; }, 800); }); // But I personally feel that […]