iframe contentWindow throws Access Denied error after shortening document.domain

I create an IFRAME dynamically in the following way: var wrapUpIframe = document.createElement(“iframe”); wrapUpIframe.id = ‘WrapUpDialog3’; wrapUpIframe.src = ‘WrapUpDialog.html’; document.body.appendChild(wrapUpIframe); after the dynamic creation my document.domain is being shortened from Servername.dc.com to only dc.com, but when I try to access contentWindow I got an Access is denied error: document.getElementById(“WrapUpDialog3”).contentWindow.SomeFunction(); Note: When I define the IFRAME […]

Three.js Rotate camera around object (which may move)

I have a camera that moves in a few different ways in the scene. The camera should rotate around a target position. In my case, this is a point on a mesh that the user has targeted. Because the camera usually doesn’t require moving relative to this point, I was not able to use the […]

What is client side MVC and how is it implemented in JavaScript?

Recently gone through many articles explaining single page application. But i am very much confused about the architecture or rather how it works. There is some thing new called client side MVC implemented by using javascript. Till now i had seen server side MVC architecture. What is this client side MVC? Where does the client […]

“The stylesheet was not loaded because its MIME type, ”text/html“ is not ”text/css”

I have a javascript application and when I run it on firefox I am getting the following erro on the console: “The stylesheet was not loaded because its MIME type, “text/html” is not “text/css“. DumbStuck!! EDIT: Note that it tells that “The stylesheet ABCD…” But ABCD is actually an HTML file. Edit (ANSWER) : Actually […]

How can I tell Reddit to ignore my Logo for the Thumbnail?

When a user shares content from my website, often the image appearing in the thumbnail is the logo of the website instead of the image itself. How can I tell reddit to ignore the logo ? I searched a lot and found answers on how to specify which image reddit should use with the og […]

is it possible to have multiple google charts in one page?

I am using Google visualization api. Following is my sample code. Either of the two charts can be shown if it is the only one to be drawn. But I can not get both working. Thanks for your advice. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″></meta> <title>Home Page</title> <!–Load the AJAX API–> <script type=”text/javascript” […]

Convert all SVG text nodes into path nodes with Raphael JS

I’m attempting to write a RaphaelJS function that will take existing text nodes within a Raphael paper instance and convert them into paths. The goal is to replicate the position, size and attribute of the text exactly as it appears on the page, but have it rendered using paths instead of text. I cannot initially […]

High Quality Audio Recording in Web Browser

One line version: What open source software (WAMI-Recorder)/web browser (via getUserMedia) will give me the best quality audio recordings? High quality would be defined as (44.1 or 48 sample rate) and 16 bit sample size. More Information: So currently my solution is WAMI-Recorder, but I am wondering if the HTML5 specification has matured to a […]

Javascript – Parsing JSON returns syntax error

I am getting an error when trying to parse JSON: SyntaxError: Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0(…) eFormsAtoZIndex.aspx:6558 Full Code: http://pastebin.com/LXpJN8GF Relevant Code: $(document).ready(function() { var rebuild = getParameterByName(“rebuild”); var createdStructures = $(‘#AtoZContentDiv’).children().length; if ((rebuild !== undefined && rebuild !== null && rebuild.indexOf(“true”) === 0) || (createdStructures === 0)) { // clean up […]

Javascript Errors: “No relay set”, only in IE 7, 8

My javascript won’t load because of errors it receives, only in IE. I used debugger to get the following errors. This page renders the javascript correctly in Safari, FF and chrome but not in IE and only on specific pages like this. http://tsqja.deznp.servertrust.com/Lakeside_721_2_Shelf_Heavy_Duty_Utility_Cart_p/lak-721.htm 1) No relay set (used as window.postMessage targetOrigin), cannot send cross-domain message […]