IE Dynamically Added Button Not Calling On Click

I have some code that dynamically creates a new button through JavaScript that when clicked calls a JavaScript function. The code works just as expected in Firefox, Chrome, Opera but low and behold, it doesn’t work in IE(7 – I’m not even going to bother with IE6). The button gets created and appears, but it’s […]

html icon show in firefox but cannot showed in IE

link REL=”SHORTCUT ICON” HREF=”/images/greenTheme/favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon” the above code work in firefox but doesnt work in IE, how to make it work in IE?

Ordering DOM elements

Given two DOM elements, say a and b, how can we determine which comes first in the document? I’m implementing drag and drop for a set of elements. And the elements can be selected in any order, but when they are dragged, these elements need to be moved in the “correct” order.

Can't access the option value using javascript on Internet Explorer

I have the following setup “<form name=\”mylimit\” style=\”float:left\”> <select name=\”limiter\” onChange=\”limit()\”> <option selected=\”selected\”>&nbsp;</option>”; … I wrote a js script to access the selected value of the selectField ‘limiter’ like so: var w = document.mylimit.limiter.selectedIndex; var url_add = document.mylimit.limiter.options[w].value; //On every browser i get the expected value except on Internet Explorer. think IExplorer dont like the […]

how can I launch/pass a value to a Windows C# application from a web page? (it seems possible with song links to iTunes)?

I’m putting together a C# winforms application, and it would be good to be able to have the ability for someone to click on a webpage link that automatically maximizes my c# application and passes some data to it. Pretty much like I see some webpages have a song link that automatically opens iTunes, and […]

innerHTML side effects?

I’m having some issues with a DOM element reference and I think I’ve tracked it down to having something to do with updating innerHTML. In this example, at the first alert, the two variables refer to the same element, as expected. What’s strange though is that after updating the innerHTML of the parent element (body), […]

How can I make a button like 'Digg it' for my website?

I’ve got a blogging site hosted on Windows Sever, ASP.Net 3.5, ASP.Net AJAX, SQL Server in background. I want to give bloggers a button like ‘digg-it’ which they can put on their blogs for the readers to click to thumb-up the post if they like it. I know I’ll be using Javascript to do that. […]

javascript innerhtml issue

I’m trying to get the innerHTML value of a node. The value is D&O. When I try to get this value using innerHTML I’m getting D &amp[semicolon] O. Is there any option to get the exact value rather than encoded value using Javascript? Please help me. Forum prevents me from entering semicolon after &amp

Flex: make height of SWF == height of content?

I am going to embed a Flex app on an html page. The html page is already going to have a scroll bar to scroll up and down. The contents of the flex app are very dynamic, and I don’t want to have an extra scroll bar when there is already one. So is there […]

IE 6 and the multiple button elements all sending their name & values

When using multiple button elements in a form, I realised that IE7 sends the innerHTML instead of the value of the button. All good I thought, I’ll simply change my PHP code to this <?php if (isset($_POST[‘button-name’])) { add_product_to_cart(2); } ?> Now my old friend IE6 is going a little step further at being a […]