nXhtml (No javascript-mode/eruby-javascript)

I’ve just installed nXhtml by downloading their zip file, extracting the archive into my home directory and adding (load "/home/spinlock/nxhtml/autostart.el") to my .emacs file. My problem is that when I try to edit a .js.erb file, I’m getting the error:

(No javascript-mode/eruby-javascript)

and I’m not getting the syntax highlighting that I’d expect (for instance, comments are the same color as javascript code). However, when I move the cursor inside a Ruby section of this file, that notice changes to:

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  • (Ruby/eruby-javascript)

    which I take as a good sign plus it does look like I’ve got the proper Ruby syntax highlighting in this part of the buffer (e.g. comments are show in red font).

    I assume that I need to add a configuration file that tells emacs how to manage javascript-mode but I have no clue how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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