Looking for a template engine which can be used in Java and JavaScript

As the title says, I’m currently looking for a template engine that works with Java and Javascript. The idea is that my ajax json objects can use the same template files to render stuff client-side like Java is doing it server-side.

I know there is google-closure-template but it is working with guice 2.0 and my current project runs under guice 3.0 and both together just create wierd errors and I tried using them but failed for about 2 weeks now…

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    You can take a look at Mustache.

    Also Histone seems to be for both

    BTW: the same topic is here

    I realize this is an old question, but have you considered firing up a javax.script.ScriptEngine and running the same JS templating system in Java as well? That way you can choose the template system you actually want rather than compromising based on what languages implement it. I doubt that embedded JS in Java (Rhino/Nashorn) will perform as a well as a native Java implementation, but depending on your application that might not matter.