js generator for asynchronous function

How to use yield in a nested function?

function* translate(){
    socket.once( 'translate/set', function( data){
        yield data

    socket.emit( 'translate/get', { query: query})

var data = translate().next().value;
console.log( data);


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  • One Solution collect form web for “js generator for asynchronous function”

    You cannot yield outside of a generator’s immediate inner context. What you can do however is pass a callback to translate, yield the call to socket.once (giving it the callback), and then continue execution of translate once this callback is invoked.

    function* translate(cb){
        yield socket.once('translate/set', cb);
        socket.emit('translate/get', {query: query})
    var translate = translate(cb);
    translate().next(); // ...socket#once
    function cb(data) {
        console.log(data); // data from socket#once
        translate.next(); // ...socket#emit